Herbarium samples from Massachusetts fairly reliably identified as Salix x meyeriana Rostk. ex Willd. (S. pentandra x S. euxina)

Barnstable Co.
Town: Harwich
Leg: M.L. Fernald, B. Long - Sept 2, 1918 #16631 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Town: Osterville
Leg: H.W. Child, C.H. Knowlton, F.W. Bird, R.C. Bean - June 10, 1916 #16248 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Town: Provincetown
Leg: M.L. Fernald, B. Long - August 2, 1919 #18296 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Town: Sandwich
Leg: G.G. Kennedy - 21 July, 1909 #4 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Berkshire Co.
Town: Stockbridge
Leg: R. Hoffmann - May 30, 1909 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Dukes Co.
Leg: J.M. Fogg, Jr. - July 24, 1923 #590 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Essex Co.
Town: Ipswich
Leg: H.S. John - Oct 12, 1911 #101 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Franklin Co.
Town: Deerfield
Leg: R.G. Poland - 15 May, 1953 and 30 May, 1965 (MASS, NEBC)
Perhaps Salix x meyeriana or hybrid involving S. lucida (3 samples from same or different specimens, NEBC sample with some reddish hairs)
Hampden Co.
Town: Holyoke
Leg: B.A.Sorrie, A. Williams - 24 May, 1990 #4991 (NEBC)
May be Salix x meyeriana, though identification is not certain.
Hampshire Co.
Town: North Amherst (planted)
Leg: - Amherst College Herbarium #2263/#49058 (MASS)
Salix x meyeriana
Middlesex Co.
Town: Cambridge
Leg: H. E. Ahles - July 5, 1975 #80380 (MASS, NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Nantucket Co.
Town: Nantucket
Leg: R.C. Bean - July 21, 1943 (NEBC)
May be Salix x meyeriana, though identification is not certain.
Norfolk Co.
Town: Brookline
Leg: F. F. Forbes - May 10 - June 26, 1901-1903 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Plymouth Co.
Town: Hingham (cultivated)
Leg: C.H. Knowlton - May 28, 1933 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Suffolk Co.
Boston Harbor Islands [perhaps cultivated]
Leg: I. Kadis - Aug 31, 1996
Salix x meyeriana
Worcester Co.
Town: Ashburnham
Leg: A.S. Pease - July 19, 1940 (NEBC)
Salix x meyeriana
Town: Templeton
Leg: B.N. Gates - 21 May 1950 #25,051 (NEBC, College of the Holy Cross)
Salix x meyeriana ("stems very brittle...")

A. Zinovjev (1 Sep 2010)