This list covers Salicicola Plant Gallery additions from February 2014 to March 2015 including older photos. About 120 plant names were added, including 13 rare, and 5 watch-listed. About 30 photographed plants represent new county, state records, or new records of rare species. Links are provided to available photos for each species.
Endangered — Cape Cod — A known location
Endangered — Bedford — A known location
Endangered — Duxbury — A known location
Endangered — Plymouth — A known location
Endangered — Plymouth — Can be a new sublocation
Endangered — Myles Standish SF — A new sublocation
Threatened — Plum Island — A known location
Threatened — Nantucket
Threatened — Cape Cod — A known location
Special Concern — Plymouth — A new record and a relocated old finding
Special Concern — Northern Bourne — A known location
Special Concern — Nantucket
Special Concern — Ashburnham — A known location
Historic — Myles Standish SF — A new location. (Previously located it in MSSF in 2010, but those plants have not survived regular mowing and a road renovation.)
Watch-Listed — Plymouth, Milton — According to a recent change in the concept of A. nantucketensis, it is understood in a broader sense and now includes a small-petaled variety of A. spicata. For the latter we prefer the available name A. micropetala (B.L.Robins) Ashe due to the absence of the needed combination A. spicata var. micropetala. If one includes this taxon in A. nantucketensis, then the Plymouth location may be new for A. nantucketensis.
Watch-Listed — Cape Cod, Nantucket — If understood in the original, narrow sense, this species occurs in Massachusetts only on the Cape and Islands.
Watch-Listed — Cape Cod — A known location
Watch-Listed — Plymouth — According to MA County Checklist (2011), this constitutes a new county record; however, in the previous Checklist edition (1999) this variety was listed for all SE counties.
Watch-Listed — Ashburnham — A known location
Luzula bulbosa — bulbous woodrush — mis id, L. multiflora
Watch-Listed — Myles Standish SF boundary, Wareham
New for Massachusettsintroduced — Bridgewater — Identification to be confirmed earlier in the season.
New for Massachusettsintroduced — Rowley — Identification to be confirmed earlier in the season.
New for Massachusettsintroduced — Plymouth —
New for Barnstable Co.introduced — Dennis
New for Barnstable Co.introduced — Nantucket
New for Barnstable Co.introduced — Falmouth
New for Barnstable Co. (if correctly identified) — Cape Cod — From old photos
New for Essex Co. — Walden Pond, Concord — Known only as a waif from Essex County. Photographed by Luba Batuner in 2007; not relocated.
New for Essex Co. — Plum Island — Location in Plum Island is not far from others in northern New England, where the species was considered introduced by Hitchcock (1950), but treated as native by modern authors. In MA it has been reported from Worcester Co. as "established" (i.e., non-native).
New for Norfolk Co.introduced — Blue Hills Reservation, Great Blue Hill, Milton
New for Norfolk Co.introduced — Milton
New for Plymouth Co.introduced — Eel R., Plymouth — Appears to be a recent introduction (perhaps planted and spreading) at the Eel River restoration site.
New for Plymouth Co. — Myles Standish SF, Plymouth
New for Plymouth Co.introduced — Bridgewater
New for Plymouth Co. — Pembroke, Plymouth
New for Plymouth Co.introduced — Stiles & Hart Park, Bridgewater
New for Plymouth Co.introduced — Plymouth — Known from all MA counties, except Plymouth
New for Plymouth Co.introduced — Plymouth — Waif, known from WO, MI, BR, and BA counties
New for Plymouth Co. (if considered "established")introduced — Plymouth — Escaped from cultivation
New for Plymouth Co.? — Plymouth — If specimens identified correctly, this is a new county record
New for Plymouth Co.? — Bridgewater — If specimens identified correctly, this is a new county record
New for Plymouth Co.? — Stony Brook Res., Boston; Bridgewater — If specimens from Bridgewater identified correctly, this is a new county record
New for Plymouth and Norfolk countiesinvasive — Blue Hills Reservation, Randolph; Stiles & Hart Park, Bridgewater
New for Plymouth, Norfolk, Essex Cos. — Weymouth, Plymouth, Boxford — Formerly was not distinguished from Monotropa hypopithys. So far reported from only Barnstable Co. (MA Checklist 2011).
Boston, Arnold Arboretum
New Bedford — Photo contributed by Fran LeCuyer. If this identification is correct, this is a new county record.
Blue Hills Reservation, Canton
Boston, Plymouth
Plymouth, West Bridgewater
Ashburnham, Gardner
Arnold Arboretum, Boston
introduced — West Bridgewater
Myles Standish SF, Plymouth
Plum Island, Ipswich
Stony Brook Res., Boston; Blue Hills Res., Canton
Bridgewater, Duxbury
introduced — Bridgewater, Canton
introduced — Plymouth, Dartmouth, ? Dedham
introduced — Nantucket
Braintree, Bridgewater
Randolph/Hollbrook border
Plymouth — One of the most common Dichanthelium in Myles Standish State Forest
introduced — Randolph, Boston
introduced — Rowley
introduced — Nantucket
introduced — Plum Island — Identification somewhat uncertain
Gardner, Ashburnham — Formerly published photos were from New Hampshire.
invasive — Arnold Arboretum, Boston
introduced — Blue Hills Reservation — Formerly published photos were of plants that could be planted.
introduced — Blue Hills Reservation, Milton
Rowley, Bridgewater, Canton
introduced — Plymouth — from old photos
Blue Hills Reservation, Randolph
Plymouth, Weymouth, Hyannis, Bourne — Including photos of previous years (varieties in L. dubia formerly were not separated).
introduced — Falmouth — From old photos
Storrs, CT — Even though it is considered to be common (S5), we have not yet found it in MA.
introduced — Gardner
Blue Hills Reservation
Falmouth — Photographed plants may have been deliberately introduced. Status (native or introduced) of this species in MA is not clear.
Brewster (Nickerson State Park) — Would be a new record for MA, though may have been planted
introduced — Northern Bourne
introduced — North Attleboro (perhaps planted), Randolph (cultivated)
Bridgewater, Plymouth
Arnold Arboretum, Boston; Plymouth — Has not been recorded from Suffolk Co.
introduced — Allandale Woods, Boston — Reported only as waif from Berkshire Co.
introduced, established — Arnold Arboretum, Boston
introduced — Wareham — Introduced to all MA counties, except for DU and NA.
Plymouth, Wareham
Plymouth — From old photos
introduced — Rowley
introduced — Wareham
introduced — Plymouth
Ashburnham, Gardner — Formerly puvlished photos were from New Hampshire.
introduced — Weymouth
Linnaea borealis
Amelanchier nantucketensis
Nantucket shadbush
Cyperus polystachyos
Texas flatsedge
Sisyrinchium fuscatum
sandplain blue-eyed grass
Lygodium palmatum
climbing fern
Helianthemum dumosum
bushy rockrose
Lipocarpha micrantha
dwarf bulrush
Hydrocotyle verticillata
saltpond pennywort
Aristida tuberculosa
seebeach needle-grass
Lespedeza stuevei
Stueve's bush-clover
Carex striata
Walter's sedge
Carex oligosperma
few fruited sedge

Zizania aquatica
wild rice

31 January — 15 March 2015 (I. Kadis & A. Zinovjev)
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