Plants of Boot Pond, Plymouth — 174 species

Survey by A. Zinovjev and I. Kadis, 2017
Gradations of rarity used by NHESP in Massachusetts: Historic─Endangered─Threatened─Special Concern─Watch-Listed. The latter category is assigned to plants whose distribution in the state is not yet sufficiently known and that may prove to be rare upon accumulating data. Maps provided for invasive plants.

Native Trees
Acer rubrum (red maple) {'latname': u'Acer rubrum', 'colname': u'red maple', 'spid': u'7004', 'found': [u'Acer rubrum (red maple)', u'1378/7004', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'676', [], [], True, True, '']}
Betula populifolia (gray birch) {'latname': u'Betula populifolia', 'colname': u'gray birch', 'spid': u'7043', 'found': [u'Betula populifolia (gray birch)', u'1398/7043', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'776', [], [u'20170912olymp6187cs'], True, True, '41.89964 -70.66752']} — photos: [1]
Nyssa sylvatica (tupelo, black gum) {'latname': u'Nyssa sylvatica ', 'colname': u'tupelo, black gum', 'spid': u'3526', 'found': [u'Nyssa sylvatica (tupelo, black gum)', u'1488/3526', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'dominant in N part', u'671', [], [], True, True, '41.9 -70.66779']}dominant in N part
Pinus rigida (pitch pine) {'latname': u'Pinus rigida', 'colname': u'pitch pine', 'spid': u'6519', 'found': [u'Pinus rigida (pitch pine)', u'1499/6519', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'673', [], [], True, True, '']}common
Pinus strobus (white pine) {'latname': u'Pinus strobus', 'colname': u'white pine', 'spid': u'6520', 'found': [u'Pinus strobus (white pine)', u'1499/6520', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'672', [], [], True, True, '']}common
Populus tremuloides (trembling aspen) {'latname': u'Populus tremuloides ', 'colname': u'trembling aspen', 'spid': u'10133', 'found': [u'Populus tremuloides (trembling aspen)', u'1/10133', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'679', [], [], True, True, '41.8969 -70.65963']}
Prunus serotina (black cherry) {'latname': u'Prunus serotina', 'colname': u'black cherry', 'spid': u'3297', 'found': [u'Prunus serotina (black cherry)', u'1518/3297', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'674', [], [], True, True, '']}common
Quercus alba (white oak) {'latname': u'Quercus alba', 'colname': u'white oak', 'spid': u'2656', 'found': [u'Quercus alba (white oak)', u'1444/2656', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'677', [], [], True, True, '']}
Quercus coccinea (scarlet oak) {'latname': u'Quercus coccinea', 'colname': u'scarlet oak', 'spid': u'2658', 'found': [u'Quercus coccinea (scarlet oak)', u'1444/2658', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'773', [], [], True, True, '41.89996 -70.66778']}
Quercus rubra (northern red oak) {'latname': u'Quercus rubra', 'colname': u'northern red oak', 'spid': u'2667', 'found': [u'Quercus rubra (northern red oak)', u'1444/2667', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'678', [], [], True, True, '']}
Quercus velutina (black oak) {'latname': u'Quercus velutina', 'colname': u'black oak', 'spid': u'2670', 'found': [u'Quercus velutina (black oak)', u'1444/2670', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'rare', u'807', [], [], True, True, '41.89922 -70.66181,41.89362 -70.66039']}rare
Salix nigra (black willow) {'latname': u'Salix nigra ', 'colname': u'black willow', 'spid': u'11237', 'found': [u'Salix nigra (black willow)', u'1/11237', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'680', [], [u'20170912olymp6412cs', u'20170912olymp6444cs'], True, True, '41.89501 -70.65893,41.89997 -70.66255']} — photos: [1] [2]
Sassafras albidum (sassafras) {'latname': u'Sassafras albidum', 'colname': u'sassafras', 'spid': u'2515', 'found': [u'Sassafras albidum (sassafras)', u'1464/2515', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'675', [], [], True, True, '']}
Native Shrubs
Alnus rugosa (speckled alder) {'latname': u'Alnus rugosa ', 'colname': u'speckled alder', 'spid': u'7158', 'found': [u'Alnus rugosa (speckled alder)', u'1398/7158', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'one area', u'823', [], [u'20170913olymp6638cs', u'20170913olymp6634cs', u'20170913olymp6633cs'], True, True, '41.89378 -70.6638,41.89502 -70.66118,41.89507 -70.66116']}one area — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Alnus serrulata (smooth alder, common alder) {'latname': u'Alnus serrulata ', 'colname': u'smooth alder, common alder', 'spid': u'7007', 'found': [u'Alnus serrulata (smooth alder, common alder)', u'1398/7007', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'dominant', u'685', [], [], True, True, '41.89507 -70.66116']}dominant
Amelanchier canadensis (thicket shadbush, eastern serviceberry, juneberry) {'latname': u'Amelanchier canadensis', 'colname': u'thicket shadbush, eastern serviceberry, juneberry', 'spid': u'12296', 'found': [u'Amelanchier canadensis (thicket shadbush, eastern serviceberry, juneberry)', u'1518/12296', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'777', [], [], True, True, '41.89959 -70.66751']}
Aronia x prunifolia (purple chokeberry) {'latname': u'Aronia x prunifolia ', 'colname': u'purple chokeberry', 'spid': u'12318', 'found': [u'Aronia x prunifolia (purple chokeberry)', u'1518/12318', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'690', [], [u'20170911olymp6122cs', u'20170911olymp6121cs', u'20170912olymp6269cs'], True, True, '41.90059 -70.66718,41.8975 -70.66385']} — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Cephalanthus occidentalis (common buttonbush) {'latname': u'Cephalanthus occidentalis ', 'colname': u'common buttonbush', 'spid': u'4107', 'found': [u'Cephalanthus occidentalis (common buttonbush)', u'1519/4107', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common in N part', u'688', [], [], True, True, '']}common in N part
Chamaedaphne calyculata (leatherleaf, cassandra) {'latname': u'Chamaedaphne calyculata', 'colname': u'leatherleaf, cassandra', 'spid': u'7054', 'found': [u'Chamaedaphne calyculata (leatherleaf, cassandra)', u'1440/7054', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'more common in S part', u'686', [], [], True, True, '']}more common in S part
Clethra alnifolia (sweet pepperbush) {'latname': u'Clethra alnifolia', 'colname': u'sweet pepperbush', 'spid': u'7057', 'found': [u'Clethra alnifolia (sweet pepperbush)', u'1419/7057', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'691', [], [], True, True, '41.90065 -70.66684']}common
Eubotrys racemosa (Leucothoe racemosa) (swamp sweetbells) {'latname': u'Eubotrys racemosa (Leucothoe racemosa)', 'colname': u'swamp sweetbells', 'spid': u'7115', 'found': [u'Leucothoe racemosa (swamp sweetbells)', u'1440/7115', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'dominant', u'682', [], [], True, True, '41.90064 -70.66687,41.89954 -70.66745']}dominant
Ilex glabra (inkberry) {'latname': u'Ilex glabra', 'colname': u'inkberry', 'spid': u'7165', 'found': [u'Ilex glabra (inkberry)', u'1388/7165', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once', u'822', [], [], True, True, '41.89364 -70.66399']}seen once
Kalmia angustifolia (sheep laurel) {'latname': u'Kalmia angustifolia', 'colname': u'sheep laurel', 'spid': u'7107', 'found': [u'Kalmia angustifolia (sheep laurel)', u'1440/7107', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once, in S part', u'816', [], [], True, True, '41.89353 -70.66474']}seen once, in S part
Lyonia ligustrina (maleberry) {'latname': u'Lyonia ligustrina ', 'colname': u'maleberry', 'spid': u'7120', 'found': [u'Lyonia ligustrina (maleberry)', u'1440/7120', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'common in S part', u'778', [], [], True, True, '41.89954 -70.66745,41.89366 -70.66045']}common in S part
Morella pensylvanica (Myrica pensylvanica) (bayberry) {'latname': u'Morella pensylvanica (Myrica pensylvanica)', 'colname': u'bayberry', 'spid': u'2651', 'found': [u'Myrica pensylvanica (bayberry)', u'1483/2651', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'rare', u'687', [], [], True, True, '']}rare
Myrica gale (sweet gale) {'latname': u'Myrica gale', 'colname': u'sweet gale', 'spid': u'2650', 'found': [u'Myrica gale (sweet gale)', u'1483/2650', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'common in S part', u'788', [], [u'20170912olymp6355cs', u'20170913olymp6515cs'], True, True, '41.89502 -70.66114,41.8936 -70.66147']}common in S part — photos: [1] [2]
Nemopanthus mucronatus (Ilex mucronata) (catberry) {'latname': u'Nemopanthus mucronatus (Ilex mucronata) ', 'colname': u'catberry', 'spid': u'7122', 'found': [u'Nemopanthus mucronatus (catberry)', u'1388/7122', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'4 specimens in S part', u'810', [], [u'20170913olymp6576cs', u'20170913olymp6545cs', u'20170913olymp6544cs', u'20170913olymp6543s'], True, True, '41.89247 -70.66361,41.89247 -70.66366,41.89248 -70.66371,41.89271 -70.66197,41.89314 -70.66102']}4 specimens in S part — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Rhododendron viscosum (swamp azalea) {'latname': u'Rhododendron viscosum', 'colname': u'swamp azalea', 'spid': u'7127', 'found': [u'Rhododendron viscosum (swamp azalea)', u'1440/7127', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'684', [], [], True, True, '']}
Rosa virginiana (Virginia rose, common wild rose) {'latname': u'Rosa virginiana', 'colname': u'Virginia rose, common wild rose', 'spid': u'3317', 'found': [u'Rosa virginiana (Virginia rose, low rose)', u'1518/3317', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'seen twice', u'800', [], [], True, True, '41.90019 -70.6676,41.89834 -70.66059']}seen twice
Salix sericea (silky willow) {'latname': u'Salix sericea ', 'colname': u'silky willow', 'spid': u'11373', 'found': [u'Salix sericea (silky willow)', u'1/11373', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'seen once', u'801', [], [], True, True, '41.90041 -70.6627']}seen once
Spiraea alba var. latifolia (meadowsweet) {'latname': u'Spiraea alba var. latifolia', 'colname': u'meadowsweet', 'spid': u'12062', 'found': [u'Spiraea alba var. latifolia (meadowsweet)', u'1518/12062', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'uncommon', u'689', [], [], True, True, '41.89482 -70.6591']}uncommon
Spiraea tomentosa (steeplebush) {'latname': u'Spiraea tomentosa', 'colname': u'steeplebush', 'spid': u'3351', 'found': [u'Spiraea tomentosa (steeplebush)', u'1518/3351', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once', u'806', [], [], True, True, '41.89366 -70.66045']}seen once
Vaccinium corymbosum (highbush blueberry) {'latname': u'Vaccinium corymbosum', 'colname': u'highbush blueberry', 'spid': u'7150', 'found': [u'Vaccinium corymbosum (highbush blueberry)', u'1440/7150', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'frequent', u'683', [], [], True, True, '']}frequent
Viburnum dentatum var. lucidum (northern arrowwood) {'latname': u'Viburnum dentatum var. lucidum', 'colname': u'northern arrowwood', 'spid': u'10124', 'found': [u'Viburnum dentatum var. lucidum (northern arrowwood)', u'1412/10124', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once', u'815', [], [], True, True, '41.8926 -70.66422']}seen once
Viburnum nudum var. cassinoides (wild raisin, witherod) {'latname': u'Viburnum nudum var. cassinoides', 'colname': u'wild raisin, witherod', 'spid': u'10125', 'found': [u'Viburnum nudum var. cassinoides (wild raisin, witherod)', u'1412/10125', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once', u'818', [], [u'20170913olymp6594cs'], True, True, '41.89345 -70.66496']}seen once — photos: [1]
Rubus jaysmithii (Smith's blackberry) {'latname': u'Rubus jaysmithii ', 'colname': u"Smith's blackberry", 'spid': u'15317', 'found': [u"Rubus jaysmithii (Smith's blackberry)", u'1518/15317', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'seen once', u'790', [], [u'20170914olymp6664cs', u'20170914olymp6662cs', u'20170912olymp6347cs', u'20170912olymp6344s', u'20170912olymp6342cs', u'20170912olymp6341cs', u'20170912olymp6340cs', u'20170912olymp6339s'], True, True, '41.89573 -70.66145']}seen once — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
Native Woody Vines
Parthenocissus quinquefolia (Virginia creeper) {'latname': u'Parthenocissus quinquefolia ', 'colname': u'Virginia creeper', 'spid': u'3577', 'found': [u'Parthenocissus quinquefolia (Virginia creeper)', u'1551/3577', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'694', [], [], True, True, '41.89968 -70.66756']}
Smilax rotundifolia (catbrier, bullbrier) {'latname': u'Smilax rotundifolia', 'colname': u'catbrier, bullbrier', 'spid': u'10068', 'found': [u'Smilax rotundifolia (catbrier, bullbrier)', u'1533/10068', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'692', [], [], True, True, '']}common
Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy) {'latname': u'Toxicodendron radicans', 'colname': u'poison ivy', 'spid': u'7144', 'found': [u'Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy)', u'1385/7144', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'693', [], [], True, True, '']}
Vitis aestivalis (summer grape) {'latname': u'Vitis aestivalis', 'colname': u'summer grape', 'spid': u'3580', 'found': [u'Vitis aestivalis', u'1551/3580', '', u'2017-09-12', u'seedling', '', [u'20170912olymp6197'], [u'20170912olymp6197cs', u'20170912olymp6197c'], True, True, '41.89949 -70.66737']}seedling — photos: [1] [2]
Vitis labrusca (fox grape) {'latname': u'Vitis labrusca ', 'colname': u'fox grape', 'spid': u'3581', 'found': [u'Vitis labrusca (fox grape)', u'1551/3581', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'seen once', u'797', [], [], True, True, '41.89487 -70.66027']}seen once
Native Grasses, Rushes, Sedges, and Sedge Family Plants
Eleocharis acicularis (needle spike-rush) {'latname': u'Eleocharis acicularis', 'colname': u'needle spike-rush', 'spid': u'11984', 'found': [u'Eleocharis acicularis (needle spike-rush)', u'1428/11984', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'frequent', u'751', [], [u'20170911olymp6117cs', u'20170913olymp6551cs'], True, True, '41.90054 -70.66726,41.89256 -70.66244']}frequent — photos: [1] [2]
Agrostis perennans (upland bentgrass) {'latname': u'Agrostis perennans ', 'colname': u'upland bentgrass', 'spid': u'13109', 'found': [u'Agrostis perennans (upland bentgrass)', u'1503/13109', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'760', [], [u'20170911olymp6139cs'], True, True, '41.90007 -70.66573']} — photos: [1]
Calamagrostis canadensis (Canada bluejoint) {'latname': u'Calamagrostis canadensis ', 'colname': u'Canada bluejoint', 'spid': u'12084', 'found': [u'Calamagrostis canadensis (Canada bluejoint)', u'1503/12084', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'755', [], [], True, True, '41.90043 -70.6674']}
Carex longii (Long's sedge) {'latname': u'Carex longii ', 'colname': u"Long's sedge", 'spid': u'15106', 'found': [u"Carex longii (Long's sedge)", u'1428/15106', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'725', [], [u'20170912olymp6336cs', u'20171007olymp7896cs'], True, True, '41.89581 -70.66176,41.89945 -70.66485']} — photos: [1] [2]
Cyperus dentatus (pondshore flatsedge) {'latname': u'Cyperus dentatus ', 'colname': u'pondshore flatsedge', 'spid': u'11834', 'found': [u'Cyperus dentatus (pondshore flatsedge)', u'1428/11834', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'743', [], [u'20170911olymp6137cs'], True, True, '41.9002 -70.66591']} — photos: [1]
Cyperus strigosus (straw-colored flatsedge) {'latname': u'Cyperus strigosus ', 'colname': u'straw-colored flatsedge', 'spid': u'13178', 'found': [u'Cyperus strigosus (straw-colored flatsedge)', u'1428/13178', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'744', [], [u'20170911olymp6101cs'], True, True, '41.90034 -70.66753']} — photos: [1]
Dichanthelium acuminatum var. implicatum (pondshore panic-grass) {'latname': u'Dichanthelium acuminatum var. implicatum ', 'colname': u'pondshore panic-grass', 'spid': u'14777', 'found': [u'Dichanthelium acuminatum var. implicatum (pondshore panic-grass)', u'1503/14777', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'757', [], [], True, True, '41.89387 -70.6606,41.89452 -70.66053,41.89478 -70.66043,41.89478 -70.66044,41.8948 -70.66043']}
Dichanthelium clandestinum (deertongue) {'latname': u'Dichanthelium clandestinum', 'colname': u'deertongue', 'spid': u'10053', 'found': [u'Dichanthelium clandestinum (deertongue)', u'1503/10053', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'758', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once
Eleocharis melanocarpa (black-fruited spike-rush) {'latname': u'Eleocharis melanocarpa', 'colname': u'black-fruited spike-rush', 'rare': 'Watch-Listed', 'spid': u'14414', 'found': [u'Eleocharis melanocarpa (black-fruited spike-rush)', u'1428/14414', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'750', [], [u'20170911olymp6130cs', u'20170915olymp6707cs'], True, True, '41.90013 -70.66498,41.9006 -70.66655']}Watch-Listed — photos: [1] [2]
Eleocharis palustris (marsh spike-rush) {'latname': u'Eleocharis palustris ', 'colname': u'marsh spike-rush', 'spid': u'13205', 'found': [u'Eleocharis palustris (marsh spike-rush)', u'1428/13205', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', '', u'827', [], [u'20171007olymp7951cs', u'20171007olymp7951c'], True, True, '']} — photos: [1] [2]
Eleocharis robbinsii (Robbins' spike-rush) {'latname': u'Eleocharis robbinsii', 'colname': u"Robbins' spike-rush", 'spid': u'14422', 'found': [u'Eleocharis robbinsii', u'1428/14422', '', u'2017-09-11', u'', '', [u'20170911olymp6155'], [], True, True, '41.90013 -70.6649']}
Fimbristylis autumnalis (northern fimbry) {'latname': u'Fimbristylis autumnalis ', 'colname': u'northern fimbry', 'spid': u'13221', 'found': [u'Fimbristylis autumnalis (northern fimbry)', u'1428/13221', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'745', [], [], True, True, '41.90142 -70.6642']}
Fuirena pumila (annual umbrella-sedge) {'latname': u'Fuirena pumila ', 'colname': u'annual umbrella-sedge', 'rare': 'Watch-Listed', 'spid': u'13581', 'found': [u'Fuirena pumila (annual umbrella-sedge)', u'1428/13581', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'742', [], [u'20170911olymp6084cs', u'20171007olymp7928cs'], True, True, '41.90036 -70.66752,41.89668 -70.66323,41.90128 -70.66448']}Watch-Listed — photos: [1] [2]
Juncus acuminatus (sharp-fruited rush) {'latname': u'Juncus acuminatus ', 'colname': u'sharp-fruited rush', 'spid': u'13259', 'found': [u'Juncus acuminatus (sharp-fruited rush)', u'1460/13259', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', '', u'826', [], [u'20170913olymp6482cs', u'20170915olymp6702cs', u'20170915olymp6701cs', u'20170915olymp6700cs'], True, True, '41.8945 -70.66052']} — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Juncus canadensis (marsh rush, Canada rush) {'latname': u'Juncus canadensis ', 'colname': u'marsh rush, Canada rush', 'spid': u'13260', 'found': [u'Juncus canadensis (marsh or Canada rush)', u'1460/13260', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'767', [], [u'20170915olymp6706cs', u'20170915olymp6705cs', u'20170915olymp6704cs'], True, True, '41.89977 -70.66511,41.89504 -70.65993']} — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Juncus effusus (soft rush) {'latname': u'Juncus effusus', 'colname': u'soft rush', 'spid': u'10024', 'found': [u'Juncus effusus (common rush)', u'1460/10024', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'769', [], [], True, True, '']}
Juncus greenei (Greene's rush) {'latname': u'Juncus greenei ', 'colname': u"Greene's rush", 'spid': u'12620', 'found': [u"Juncus greenei (Greene's rush)", u'1460/12620', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'768', [], [u'20170915olymp6697cs'], True, True, '']} — photos: [1]
Juncus pelocarpus (pondshore rush) {'latname': u'Juncus pelocarpus ', 'colname': u'pondshore rush', 'spid': u'13262', 'found': [u'Juncus pelocarpus (pondshore rush)', u'1460/13262', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'770', [], [], True, True, '41.89873 -70.66567']}common
Leersia oryzoides (rice cutgrass) {'latname': u'Leersia oryzoides ', 'colname': u'rice cutgrass', 'spid': u'13267', 'found': [u'Leersia oryzoides (rice cutgrass)', u'1503/13267', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'753', [], [], True, True, '41.9004 -70.66615']}
Lipocarpha micrantha (dwarf bulrush) {'latname': u'Lipocarpha micrantha ', 'colname': u'dwarf bulrush', 'rare': 'Threatened', 'spid': u'15417', 'found': [u'Lipocarpha micrantha (dwarf bulrush)', u'1428/15417', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'747', [], [u'20171007olymp7901cs', u'20171007olymp7898cs', u'20171007olymp7899cs', u'20171007olymp7873s', u'20171007olymp7876cs', u'20171007olymp7911cs', u'20171007olymp7880cs', u'20171007olymp7918cs', u'20171007olymp7925s', u'20171007olymp7926cs'], True, True, '41.90084 -70.6652,41.90085 -70.6652,41.90143 -70.66404,41.90143 -70.66418,41.89997 -70.66463,41.89998 -70.66462,41.89999 -70.66461,41.90002 -70.66464,41.90003 -70.6646,41.90029 -70.66758,41.90031 -70.66522,41.90031 -70.66756,41.90032 -70.6652,41.90034 -70.66756,41.90036 -70.66755,41.9004 -70.66521,41.90041 -70.66752,41.90042 -70.66751,41.90049 -70.66519,41.90053 -70.66524,41.9006 -70.66528,41.90064 -70.66527,41.90067 -70.66698,41.90073 -70.66523,41.90077 -70.66522,41.90082 -70.6652,41.90084 -70.66518,41.9009 -70.66509,41.9009 -70.66512,41.90096 -70.66504,41.90101 -70.66496,41.90103 -70.66495,41.90104 -70.66494,41.9011 -70.66486,41.90112 -70.66481,41.90113 -70.66478,41.90124 -70.66455,41.90129 -70.66444']}Threatened — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
Panicum dichotomiflorum (fall panic-grass) {'latname': u'Panicum dichotomiflorum ', 'colname': u'fall panic-grass', 'spid': u'14256', 'found': [u'Panicum dichotomiflorum (fall panic grass)', u'1503/14256', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'754', [], [u'20170911olymp6092cs', u'20170912olymp6381cs'], True, True, '41.90039 -70.6675,41.89486 -70.66028']} — photos: [1] [2]
Rhynchospora capitellata (brown beak-rush) {'latname': u'Rhynchospora capitellata ', 'colname': u'brown beak-rush', 'spid': u'13361', 'found': [u'Rhynchospora capitellata (brown beak-rush)', u'1428/13361', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'746', [], [u'20170913olymp6512cs', u'20171007olymp7950cs'], True, True, '41.89364 -70.66044']} — photos: [1] [2]
Schizachyrium scoparium (little bluestem) {'latname': u'Schizachyrium scoparium', 'colname': u'little bluestem', 'spid': u'10060', 'found': [u'Schizachyrium scoparium (little bluestem)', u'1503/10060', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'759', [], [], True, True, '']}
Schoenoplectus pungens (Scirpus pungens) (common threesquare) {'latname': u'Schoenoplectus pungens (Scirpus pungens) ', 'colname': u'common threesquare', 'spid': u'14380', 'found': [u'Scirpus pungens (common threesquare)', u'1428/14380', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'a single patch', u'748', [], [], True, True, '41.90006 -70.66532']}a single patch
Scirpus cyperinus (common bulrush) {'latname': u'Scirpus cyperinus', 'colname': u'common bulrush', 'spid': u'10020', 'found': [u'Scirpus cyperinus (common bulrush)', u'1428/10020', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'749', [], [], True, True, '41.90103 -70.66328,41.89314 -70.66174']}
Sparganium americanum (common bur-reed) {'latname': u'Sparganium americanum ', 'colname': u'common bur-reed', 'spid': u'12564', 'found': [u'Sparganium americanum (common bur-reed)', u'12408/12564', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'in S part', u'786', [], [], True, True, '41.89514 -70.6615,41.8963 -70.66234,41.89314 -70.66083,41.89322 -70.66045']}in S part
Spartina pectinata (freshwater cordgrass) {'latname': u'Spartina pectinata', 'colname': u'freshwater cordgrass', 'spid': u'13535', 'found': [u'Spartina pectinata (freshwater or prairie cordgrass)', u'1503/13535', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'unconfirmed record (plants not flowering)', u'1092', [], [u'20170911olymp6167cs'], True, True, '41.90131 -70.66328,41.90118 -70.6633']}unconfirmed record (plants not flowering) — photos: [1]
Native Other Herbaceous Plants
Decodon verticillatus (swamp loosestrife, waterwillow) {'latname': u'Decodon verticillatus ', 'colname': u'swamp loosestrife, waterwillow', 'spid': u'3486', 'found': [u'Decodon verticillatus (swamp loosestrife, waterwillow)', u'1473/3486', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'in S part', u'795', [], [], True, True, '41.8952 -70.66179']}in S part
Agalinis paupercula (small-flowered gerardia) {'latname': u'Agalinis paupercula ', 'colname': u'small-flowered gerardia', 'spid': u'13106', 'found': [u'Agalinis paupercula (small-flowered gerardia)', u'1530/13106', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'717', [], [], True, True, '41.89877 -70.66579,41.89406 -70.66043,41.89414 -70.66035']}
Agalinis purpurea (purple false foxglove) {'latname': u'Agalinis purpurea ', 'colname': u'purple false foxglove', 'spid': u'3991', 'found': [u'Agalinis purpurea (purple false foxglove)', u'1530/3991', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'716', [], [], True, True, '41.90035 -70.66756']}
Apios americana (American groundnut) {'latname': u'Apios americana ', 'colname': u'American groundnut', 'spid': u'7012', 'found': [u'Apios americana (groundnut)', u'1443/7012', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'775', [], [], True, True, '41.89504 -70.65993,41.89684 -70.66352,41.89979 -70.66769,41.8947 -70.66057']}
Bidens cernua (nodding bur-marigold) {'latname': u'Bidens cernua', 'colname': u'nodding bur-marigold', 'spid': u'14258', 'found': [u'Bidens cernua (nodding bur-marigold)', u'1394/14258', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'1086', [], [], True, True, '']}
Bidens frondosa (common beggar-ticks) {'latname': u'Bidens frondosa', 'colname': u'common beggar-ticks', 'spid': u'13130', 'found': [u'Bidens frondosa', u'1394/13130', '', u'2017-09-11', u'', '', [u'20170911olymp6110'], [u'20170911olymp6110cs', u'20170914olymp6647cs', u'20170912olymp6185s'], True, True, '41.90028 -70.66757,41.90038 -70.66749,41.89975 -70.66769']} — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Coreopsis rosea (pink tickseed) {'latname': u'Coreopsis rosea ', 'colname': u'pink tickseed', 'rare': 'Watch-Listed', 'spid': u'11752', 'found': [u'Coreopsis rosea (pink tickseed)', u'1394/11752', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'frequent', u'709', [], [u'20170911olymp6138s', u'20170911olymp6085cs', u'20170912olymp6362cs', u'20170912olymp6265cs', u'20170913olymp6517cs'], True, True, '41.90006 -70.66573,41.90035 -70.66758,41.9004 -70.66751,41.89514 -70.66151,41.89773 -70.66414,41.89357 -70.66138']}Watch-Listedfrequent — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Drosera filiformis (thread-leaf sundew) {'latname': u'Drosera filiformis ', 'colname': u'thread-leaf sundew', 'spid': u'11758', 'found': [u'Drosera filiformis (thread-leaf sundew)', u'1433/11758', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'737', [], [u'20170911olymp6136cs', u'20170911olymp6136sc'], True, True, '41.9002 -70.66591']}seen once — photos: [1] [2]
Drosera intermedia (spoonleaf sundew) {'latname': u'Drosera intermedia ', 'colname': u'spoonleaf sundew', 'spid': u'7073', 'found': [u'Drosera intermedia (spoonleaf sundew)', u'1433/7073', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'738', [], [], True, True, '41.89321 -70.66519']}
Epilobium ciliatum (glandular willowherb) {'latname': u'Epilobium ciliatum ', 'colname': u'glandular willowherb', 'spid': u'11812', 'found': [u'Epilobium ciliatum (glandular willowherb)', u'1490/11812', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'724', [], [], True, True, '41.89958 -70.66458,41.89507 -70.6613,41.89592 -70.66202,41.89254 -70.6648']}
Erechtites hieraciifolius (fireweed, pilewort) {'latname': u'Erechtites hieraciifolius ', 'colname': u'fireweed, pilewort', 'spid': u'10109', 'found': [u'Erechtites hieracifolius (fireweed, pilewort)', u'1394/10109', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'704', [], [], True, True, '41.8978 -70.66021']}common
Erigeron annuus (annual fleabane, eastern daisy fleabane) {'latname': u'Erigeron annuus', 'colname': u'annual fleabane, eastern daisy fleabane', 'spid': u'7078', 'found': [u'Erigeron annuus', u'1394/7078', '', u'2017-09-13', u'', '', [u'20170913olymp6538'], [], True, True, '41.89337 -70.6603']}
Erigeron canadensis (Conyza canadensis) (horseweed, hogweed) {'latname': u'Erigeron canadensis (Conyza canadensis) ', 'colname': u'horseweed, hogweed', 'spid': u'11872', 'found': [u'Conyza canadensis (horseweed, hogweed)', u'1394/11872', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'708', [], [u'20170911olymp6127cs'], True, True, '41.90068 -70.66679']}common — photos: [1]
Erigeron strigosus (rough fleabane) {'latname': u'Erigeron strigosus ', 'colname': u'rough fleabane', 'spid': u'11594', 'found': [u'Erigeron strigosus (rough fleabane)', u'1394/11594', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', '', u'803', [], [], True, True, '41.89671 -70.66331,41.8987 -70.66561,41.89326 -70.66036,41.89486 -70.66024']}
Eupatorium dubium (Atlantic Joe-Pye-weed) (Atlantic Joe-Pye-weed) {'latname': u'Eupatorium dubium (Atlantic Joe-Pye-weed)', 'colname': u'Atlantic Joe-Pye-weed', 'spid': u'12092', 'found': [u'Eupatorium dubium (Atlantic Joe-Pye-weed)', u'1394/12092', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'rare', u'793', [], [], True, True, '41.89522 -70.66177,41.89322 -70.66045']}rare
Eupatorium perfoliatum (boneset, thoroughwort) {'latname': u'Eupatorium perfoliatum ', 'colname': u'boneset, thoroughwort', 'spid': u'11800', 'found': [u'Eupatorium perfoliatum (boneset, thoroughwort)', u'1394/11800', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'701', [], [], True, True, '41.90025 -70.66756,41.8947 -70.66057,41.89483 -70.66034,41.89511 -70.66086']}common
Euphorbia maculata (spotted spurge) {'latname': u'Euphorbia maculata', 'colname': u'spotted spurge', 'spid': u'13166', 'found': [u'Euphorbia maculata', u'1442/13166', '', u'2017-09-11', u'', '', [u'20170911olymp6093'], [u'20170911olymp6093cs'], True, True, '41.9004 -70.66752']} — photos: [1]
Euthamia caroliniana (Solidago tenuifolia) (coastal plain slender goldenrod, narrow-leaf flat-topped goldenrod) {'latname': u'Euthamia caroliniana (Solidago tenuifolia) ', 'colname': u'coastal plain slender goldenrod, narrow-leaf flat-topped goldenrod', 'spid': u'10112', 'found': [u'Euthamia caroliniana (coastal plain slender goldenrod)', u'1394/10112', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'dominant', u'696', [], [], True, True, '']}dominant
Galium tinctorium (stiff bedstraw, Clayton's bedstraw) {'latname': u'Galium tinctorium ', 'colname': u"stiff bedstraw, Clayton's bedstraw", 'spid': u'13229', 'found': [u"Galium tinctorium (Clayton's bedstraw)", u'1519/13229', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'781', [], [u'20170912olymp6235cs', u'20170912olymp6234cs', u'20170912olymp6231cs'], True, True, '41.8984 -70.66502']} — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Gnaphalium obtusifolium (sweet everlasting, fragrant cudweed) {'latname': u'Gnaphalium obtusifolium ', 'colname': u'sweet everlasting, fragrant cudweed', 'spid': u'13613', 'found': [u'Gnaphalium obtusifolium (sweet everlasting, fragrant cudweed)', u'1394/13613', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', '', u'809', [], [u'20170911olymp6105cs'], True, True, '41.90036 -70.66754,41.89623 -70.66232,41.89692 -70.66355,41.89335 -70.66037']} — photos: [1]
Gratiola aurea (golden hedgehyssop) {'latname': u'Gratiola aurea', 'colname': u'golden hedgehyssop', 'spid': u'4009', 'found': [u'Gratiola aurea', u'1530/4009', '', u'2017-09-11', u'', '', [u'20170911olymp6151'], [u'20170911olymp6151cs'], True, True, '41.89979 -70.66468,41.8999 -70.66776']} — photos: [1]
Gratiola aurea forma leucantha (white-flowered yellow hedge hyssop) {'latname': u'Gratiola aurea forma leucantha', 'colname': u'white-flowered yellow hedge hyssop', 'spid': u'15812', 'found': [u'Gratiola aurea forma leucantha', u'1530/15812', '', u'2017-09-11', u'', '', [u'20170911olymp6129'], [u'20170911olymp6129cs', u'20170912olymp6175cs'], True, True, '41.9006 -70.66656,41.89991 -70.66777']} — photos: [1] [2]
Hypericum boreale (northern St. John's-wort) {'latname': u'Hypericum boreale ', 'colname': u"northern St. John's-wort", 'spid': u'13255', 'found': [u"Hypericum boreale (northern St. John's-wort)", u'1420/13255', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'732', [], [], True, True, '41.89511 -70.66086']}common
Iris versicolor (northern blueflag) {'latname': u'Iris versicolor ', 'colname': u'northern blueflag', 'spid': u'10022', 'found': [u'Iris versicolor (northern blueflag)', u'1457/10022', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'763', [], [], True, True, '41.90036 -70.66757']}
Lechea maritima (beach pinweed) {'latname': u'Lechea maritima ', 'colname': u'beach pinweed', 'spid': u'14022', 'found': [u'Lechea maritima (beach pinweed)', u'1418/14022', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once, at upper level', u'727', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once, at upper level
Lindernia dubia var. anagallidea (false pimpernel) {'latname': u'Lindernia dubia var. anagallidea ', 'colname': u'false pimpernel', 'spid': u'13952', 'found': [u'Lindernia dubia var. anagallidea (false pimpernel)', u'1530/13952', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'720', [], [u'20170911olymp6104cs', u'20170911olymp6106cs', u'20170913olymp6503cs', u'20170913olymp6502cs'], True, True, '41.90036 -70.66754,41.90037 -70.66751,41.89436 -70.66049']} — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Ludwigia palustris (water purslane, mud loosestrife) {'latname': u'Ludwigia palustris ', 'colname': u'water purslane, mud loosestrife', 'spid': u'3512', 'found': [u'Ludwigia palustris (water purslane, mud loosestrife)', u'1490/3512', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'794', [], [u'20170912olymp6366cs'], True, True, '41.8952 -70.66177,41.8952 -70.66178']} — photos: [1]
Lycopus amplectens (pondshore water-horehound, sessile water-horehound) {'latname': u'Lycopus amplectens ', 'colname': u'pondshore water-horehound, sessile water-horehound', 'rare': 'Watch-Listed', 'spid': u'14440', 'found': [u'Lycopus amplectens (pondshore water-horehound, sessile water-horehound)', u'1462/14440', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'dominant', u'718', [], [u'20170911olymp6123sc', u'20170911olymp6123cs', u'20170913olymp6484cs'], True, True, '41.90027 -70.66756,41.9004 -70.66751,41.9006 -70.66717,41.89267 -70.66212,41.89406 -70.66043']}Watch-Listeddominant — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Lycopus uniflorus (tuberous water-horehound) {'latname': u'Lycopus uniflorus ', 'colname': u'tuberous water-horehound', 'spid': u'13281', 'found': [u'Lycopus uniflorus (tuberous water-horehound)', u'1462/13281', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once, in S part', u'821', [], [], True, True, '41.89286 -70.66527']}seen once, in S part
Lycopus virginicus (Virginia water-horehound, floodplain water-horehound) {'latname': u'Lycopus virginicus ', 'colname': u'Virginia water-horehound, floodplain water-horehound', 'spid': u'3901', 'found': [u'Lycopus virginicus (Virginia water-horehound, floodplain water-horehound)', u'1462/3901', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once, in S part', u'812', [], [u'20170913olymp6560cs'], True, True, '41.89269 -70.66208']}seen once, in S part — photos: [1]
Lysimachia terrestris (swamp candles) {'latname': u'Lysimachia terrestris ', 'colname': u'swamp candles', 'spid': u'3152', 'found': [u'Lysimachia terrestris (swamp candles)', u'1512/3152', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'721', [], [], True, True, '']}common
Mikania scandens (climbing hempvine) {'latname': u'Mikania scandens ', 'colname': u'climbing hempvine', 'spid': u'12404', 'found': [u'Mikania scandens (climbing hempvine)', u'1394/12404', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'780', [], [u'20170912olymp6246cs'], True, True, '41.89593 -70.65941,41.89818 -70.66481,41.8982 -70.66485,41.89834 -70.66501']} — photos: [1]
Nuttallanthus canadensis (blue toadflax, old-field toadflax) {'latname': u'Nuttallanthus canadensis ', 'colname': u'blue toadflax, old-field toadflax', 'spid': u'4025', 'found': [u'Nuttallanthus canadensis (blue toadflax, old-field toadflax)', u'1530/4025', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'731', [], [], True, True, '41.9004 -70.66751']}common
Oenothera biennis (common evening primrose) {'latname': u'Oenothera biennis ', 'colname': u'common evening primrose', 'spid': u'3515', 'found': [u'Oenothera biennis (common evening primrose)', u'1490/3515', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'734', [], [], True, True, '']}
Oxalis dillenii (showy yellow woodsorrel) {'latname': u'Oxalis dillenii ', 'colname': u'showy yellow woodsorrel', 'spid': u'13715', 'found': [u'Oxalis dillenii (showy yellow woodsorrel)', u'1495/13715', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'735', [], [u'20170914olymp6644cs', u'20170914olymp6643cs'], True, True, '']}seen once — photos: [1] [2]
Oxalis stricta (common yellow woodsorrel) {'latname': u'Oxalis stricta', 'colname': u'common yellow woodsorrel', 'spid': u'3631', 'found': [u'Oxalis stricta (common yellow woodsorrel)', u'1495/3631', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'736', [], [u'20170911olymp6133cs'], True, True, '41.90033 -70.66604']}seen once — photos: [1]
Persicaria careyi (Polygonum careyi) (Carey's smartweed) {'latname': u'Persicaria careyi (Polygonum careyi) ', 'colname': u"Carey's smartweed", 'spid': u'14412', 'found': [u"Polygonum careyi (Carey's smartweed)", u'1507/14412', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'713', [], [u'20170911olymp6142s', u'20170911olymp6141cs', u'20170911olymp6152cs', u'20170912olymp6383cs', u'20170912olymp6390cs', u'20170912olymp6426cs', u'20170912olymp6224s', u'20170912olymp6215cs', u'20170913olymp6498cs', u'20170913olymp6497cs', u'20170913olymp6496cs', u'20170913olymp6494cs', u'20170923olymp7079cs', u'20170923olymp7077s', u'20171007olymp7888cs'], True, True, '41.89999 -70.66569,41.90007 -70.66471,41.89487 -70.66024,41.89497 -70.66011,41.89504 -70.65993,41.89785 -70.66027,41.89868 -70.66557,41.89874 -70.66571,41.89416 -70.66038,41.90001 -70.66573']} — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]
Persicaria punctata (Polygonum punctatum) (dotted smartweed) {'latname': u'Persicaria punctata (Polygonum punctatum) ', 'colname': u'dotted smartweed', 'spid': u'2859', 'found': [u'Polygonum punctatum (dotted smartweed)', u'1507/2859', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'712', [], [], True, True, '']}
Persicaria puritanorum (Polygonum puritanorum) (pondshore smartweed) {'latname': u'Persicaria puritanorum (Polygonum puritanorum) ', 'colname': u'pondshore smartweed', 'rare': 'Special Concern', 'spid': u'14446', 'found': [u'Polygonum puritanorum (pondshore smartweed)', u'1507/14446', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'711', [], [u'20170911olymp6100cs', u'20170911olymp6086cs', u'20170912olymp6351cs', u'20170912olymp6178cs', u'20170913olymp6505cs'], True, True, '41.90033 -70.66753,41.90036 -70.66757,41.89524 -70.66084,41.89989 -70.66776,41.8941 -70.6605,41.89471 -70.66056']}Special Concern — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Phytolacca americana (pokeweed) {'latname': u'Phytolacca americana ', 'colname': u'pokeweed', 'spid': u'2691', 'found': [u'Phytolacca americana (pokeweed)', u'1498/2691', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'729', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once
Polygala cruciata (cross-leaved milkwort) {'latname': u'Polygala cruciata', 'colname': u'cross-leaved milkwort', 'spid': u'12574', 'found': [u'Polygala cruciata (cross-leaved milkwort)', u'1506/12574', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'two areas in S part', u'817', [], [u'20170913olymp6524cs', u'20170913olymp6522cs', u'20170913olymp6521cs', u'20170913olymp6520cs'], True, True, '41.89322 -70.66518,41.89347 -70.66133,41.89351 -70.6648']}two areas in S part — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Polygala sanguinea (purple milkwort) {'latname': u'Polygala sanguinea', 'colname': u'purple milkwort', 'spid': u'13833', 'found': [u'Polygala sanguinea', u'1506/13833', '', u'2017-09-13', u'', '', [u'20170913olymp6600'], [u'20170913olymp6600cs'], True, True, '41.89322 -70.66518']} — photos: [1]
Potentilla norvegica (three-finger, strawberryweed) {'latname': u'Potentilla norvegica ', 'colname': u'three-finger, strawberryweed', 'spid': u'12588', 'found': [u'Potentilla norvegica (three-finger, strawberryweed)', u'1518/12588', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'rare, in S part', u'814', [], [], True, True, '41.89232 -70.66303,41.8924 -70.66331']}rare, in S part
Rhexia virginica (northern meadowbeauty, wingstem meadowpitchers) {'latname': u'Rhexia virginica', 'colname': u'northern meadowbeauty, wingstem meadowpitchers', 'spid': u'12068', 'found': [u'Rhexia virginica (northern meadowbeauty, wingstem meadowpitchers)', u'12064/12068', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'???', u'728', [], [u'20170912olymp6363c', u'20170912olymp6363cs', u'20170912olymp6363sc'], True, True, '41.89517 -70.66157,41.89325 -70.66038,41.89418 -70.66034']}??? — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Sabatia kennedyana (Plymouth gentian) {'latname': u'Sabatia kennedyana ', 'colname': u'Plymouth gentian', 'rare': 'Special Concern', 'spid': u'11764', 'found': [u'Sabatia kennedyana (Plymouth gentian)', u'11760/11764', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'frequent', u'739', [], [], True, True, '41.90031 -70.66761,41.90057 -70.66724,41.89658 -70.6628,41.89483 -70.66042,41.89508 -70.6609,41.8952 -70.66082,41.89956 -70.66453,41.89975 -70.6652,41.90005 -70.66564,41.90008 -70.66589,41.90012 -70.66595,41.90015 -70.66492,41.90021 -70.66597,41.90027 -70.66604,41.90031 -70.66515,41.90058 -70.66634,41.90067 -70.667']}Special Concernfrequent
Solidago gigantea (smooth goldenrod, late goldenrod) {'latname': u'Solidago gigantea ', 'colname': u'smooth goldenrod, late goldenrod', 'spid': u'13391', 'found': [u'Solidago gigantea (smooth goldenrod, late goldenrod)', u'1394/13391', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once', u'804', [], [], True, True, '41.89412 -70.66034']}seen once
Solidago puberula (downy goldenrod) {'latname': u'Solidago puberula ', 'colname': u'downy goldenrod', 'spid': u'12814', 'found': [u'Solidago puberula (downy goldenrod)', u'1394/12814', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'702', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once
Solidago rugosa (rough-stemmed goldenrod) {'latname': u'Solidago rugosa', 'colname': u'rough-stemmed goldenrod', 'spid': u'12812', 'found': [u'Solidago rugosa (rough-stemmed goldenrod)', u'1394/12812', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'703', [], [], True, True, '41.89834 -70.66057,41.89269 -70.66517']}
Stachys hyssopifolia (hyssop-leaved hedgenettle) {'latname': u'Stachys hyssopifolia ', 'colname': u'hyssop-leaved hedgenettle', 'rare': 'Watch-Listed', 'spid': u'11782', 'found': [u'Stachys hyssopifolia (hyssop hedgenettle)', u'1462/11782', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'occasional', u'730', [], [u'20170911olymp6083cs', u'20170911olymp6116cs', u'20170912olymp6238cs'], True, True, '41.90034 -70.66759,41.90054 -70.66727,41.89838 -70.66495,41.89407 -70.66053']}Watch-Listedoccasional — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Symphyotrichum lateriflorum (Aster lateriflorus) (Calico aster) {'latname': u'Symphyotrichum lateriflorum (Aster lateriflorus) ', 'colname': u'Calico aster', 'spid': u'12828', 'found': [u'Aster lateriflorus (calico aster)', u'1394/12828', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'700', [], [], True, True, '41.90036 -70.66756,41.90029 -70.66764,41.89836 -70.66494,41.89836 -70.66501,41.89662 -70.66292,41.89421 -70.66043']}
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii (Aster novi-belgii) (New York aster) {'latname': u'Symphyotrichum novi-belgii (Aster novi-belgii) ', 'colname': u'New York aster', 'spid': u'7028', 'found': [u'Aster novi-belgii (New York aster)', u'1394/7028', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'782', [], [], True, True, '41.89735 -70.66378']}
Symphyotrichum pilosum (Aster pilosus) (white oldfield aster) {'latname': u'Symphyotrichum pilosum (Aster pilosus) ', 'colname': u'white oldfield aster', 'spid': u'7030', 'found': [u'Aster pilosus (white oldfield aster)', u'1394/7030', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'697', [], [], True, True, '41.8982 -70.66486,41.89836 -70.66497,41.89837 -70.66501']}
Symphyotrichum racemosum (Aster racemosus) (smooth white oldfield aster) {'latname': u'Symphyotrichum racemosum (Aster racemosus) ', 'colname': u'smooth white oldfield aster', 'spid': u'12818', 'found': [u'Aster racemosus (smooth white oldfield aster)', u'1394/12818', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'699', [], [], True, True, '41.89494 -70.65921']}
Triadenum virginicum (Hypericum virginicum) (marsh St. John's-wort) {'latname': u'Triadenum virginicum (Hypericum virginicum) ', 'colname': u"marsh St. John's-wort", 'spid': u'10114', 'found': [u"Triadenum virginicum (marsh St. John's-wort)", u'1420/10114', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'rare', u'792', [], [], True, True, '41.8952 -70.66174']}rare
Typha latifolia (broad-leaved cattail) {'latname': u'Typha latifolia', 'colname': u'broad-leaved cattail', 'spid': u'10070', 'found': [u'Typha latifolia (broad-leaved cattail)', u'1544/10070', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'unconfirmed record (plants passed fruiting stage)', u'1087', [], [], True, True, '']}unconfirmed record (plants passed fruiting stage)
Viola lanceolata (bog white violet, lanceleaf violet) {'latname': u'Viola lanceolata', 'colname': u'bog white violet, lanceleaf violet', 'spid': u'2954', 'found': [u'Viola lanceolata (bog white violet, lanceleaf violet)', u'1549/2954', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'710', [], [], True, True, '41.89357 -70.66462']}common
Xyris difformis (bog yellow-eyed grass) {'latname': u'Xyris difformis ', 'colname': u'bog yellow-eyed grass', 'spid': u'13960', 'found': [u'Xyris difformis (bog yellow-eyed grass)', u'1552/13960', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'rare', u'765', [], [], True, True, '41.89372 -70.6605']}rare
Native Water Plants
Callitriche heterophylla (variable water-starwort) {'latname': u'Callitriche heterophylla ', 'colname': u'variable water-starwort', 'spid': u'12310', 'found': [u'Callitriche heterophylla (variable water-starwort)', u'1408/12310', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'rare in S part', u'820', [], [u'20170913olymp6589cs', u'20170915olymp6682cs', u'20170915olymp6681cs'], True, True, '41.89355 -70.6644']}rare in S part — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Ceratophyllum demersum (hornwort, coontail) {'latname': u'Ceratophyllum demersum', 'colname': u'hornwort, coontail', 'spid': u'13789', 'found': [u'Ceratophyllum demersum', u'13783/13789', '', u'2017-09-13', u'', '', [u'20170913olymp6480'], [u'20170913olymp6480cs'], True, True, '41.89468 -70.66055']} — photos: [1]
Elatine minima (lesser waterwort) {'latname': u'Elatine minima ', 'colname': u'lesser waterwort', 'spid': u'13201', 'found': [u'Elatine minima (lesser waterwort)', u'12957/13201', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'723', [], [u'20170911olymp6146cs', u'20170912olymp6302cs', u'20170912olymp6198cs', u'20171007olymp7892s', u'20171007olymp7957cs', u'20171007olymp7955cs'], True, True, '41.90003 -70.66526,41.89666 -70.66308,41.89741 -70.66377,41.89948 -70.66736,41.90009 -70.66556,41.90012 -70.66543']} — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Elodea nuttallii (Nuttall's waterweed) {'latname': u'Elodea nuttallii', 'colname': u"Nuttall's waterweed", 'spid': u'15598', 'found': [u"Elodea nuttallii (Nuttall's waterweed)", u'1455/15598', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once', u'811', [], [u'20170913olymp6556cs', u'20170913olymp6554cs', u'20170915olymp6678cs'], True, True, '41.89325 -70.66173']}seen once — photos: [1] [2] [3]
Eriocaulon aquaticum (pipewort, white buttons) {'latname': u'Eriocaulon aquaticum ', 'colname': u'pipewort, white buttons', 'spid': u'11696', 'found': [u'Eriocaulon aquaticum (pipewort, white buttons)', u'11692/11696', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'766', [], [u'20170911olymp6128cs', u'20170912olymp6286cs', u'20170912olymp6212cs', u'20171007olymp7893cs'], True, True, '41.90063 -70.6666,41.8971 -70.66365,41.89881 -70.66623,41.90012 -70.66543']} — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4]
Isoetes sp. (quillwort) {'latname': u'Isoetes sp. ', 'colname': u'quillwort', 'spid': u'15142', 'found': [u'Isoetes sp. (quillwort)', u'12963/15142', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'in S part', u'802', [], [], True, True, '41.89584 -70.66134']}in S part
Myriophyllum humile (lowly watermilfoil) {'latname': u'Myriophyllum humile', 'colname': u'lowly watermilfoil', 'spid': u'13298', 'found': [u'Myriophyllum humile (lowly watermilfoil)', u'1450/13298', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', '', u'805', [], [u'20170915olymp6688cs'], True, True, '']} — photos: [1]
Myriophyllum sp. (watermilfoil) {'latname': u'Myriophyllum sp. ', 'colname': u'watermilfoil', 'spid': u'13603', 'found': [u'Myriophyllum sp. (watermilfoil)', u'1450/13603', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'741', [], [], True, True, '']}
Pontederia cordata (pickerelweed) {'latname': u'Pontederia cordata ', 'colname': u'pickerelweed', 'spid': u'10064', 'found': [u'Pontederia cordata (pickerelweed)', u'1509/10064', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'rare, in S part', u'787', [], [u'20170912olymp6371cs', u'20170912olymp6335cs'], True, True, '41.89509 -70.66138,41.89519 -70.66178,41.89587 -70.6619']}rare, in S part — photos: [1] [2]
Sagittaria teres (pondshore arrowhead, terete arrowhead) {'latname': u'Sagittaria teres ', 'colname': u'pondshore arrowhead, terete arrowhead', 'rare': 'Special Concern', 'spid': u'13533', 'found': [u'Sagittaria teres (pondshore or terete arrowhead)', u'1383/13533', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'dominant', u'764', [], [u'20170914olymp6669cs', u'20170914olymp6665cs', u'20170912olymp6396cs', u'20170912olymp6201cs', u'20170912olymp6200cs', u'20170912olymp6188s', u'20170913olymp6631cs'], True, True, '41.89508 -70.65975,41.89883 -70.66636,41.89905 -70.66694,41.89962 -70.6675,41.8951 -70.66127']}Special Concerndominant — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Utricularia cornuta (horned bladderwort, naked bladderwort) {'latname': u'Utricularia cornuta ', 'colname': u'horned bladderwort, naked bladderwort', 'spid': u'12014', 'found': [u'Utricularia cornuta (horned bladderwort, naked bladderwort)', u'11616/12014', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'722', [], [u'20170911olymp6144cs', u'20170911olymp6143cs'], True, True, '41.90005 -70.66562,41.90002 -70.66521']}seen once — photos: [1] [2]
Native Ferns
Onoclea sensibilis (sensitive fern) {'latname': u'Onoclea sensibilis', 'colname': u'sensitive fern', 'spid': u'6039', 'found': [u'Onoclea sensibilis (sensitive fern)', u'1434/6039', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'783', [], [u'20170912olymp6218cs', u'20170913olymp6574cs'], True, True, '41.89874 -70.66568,41.89236 -70.6632']} — photos: [1] [2]
Alien Woody Plants (Trees, Shrubs, Vines)
Catalpa bignonioides (southern catalpa) {'latname': u'Catalpa bignonioides', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'southern catalpa', 'spid': u'4071', 'found': [u'Catalpa bignonioides', u'1399/4071', '', u'2017-09-12', u'', '', [u'20170912olymp6377'], [u'20170912olymp6377cs'], True, True, '41.89518 -70.66189']} — photos: [1]
Lonicera morrowii (Morrow's honeysuckle) {'latname': u'Lonicera morrowii', 'colname': u"Morrow's honeysuckle", 'spid': u'4141', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Lonicera morrowii', u'1412/4141', '', u'2017-09-13', u'', '', [u'20170913olymp6605'], [u'20170913olymp6605cs'], True, True, '41.89287 -70.66527'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE — photos: [1] — [map]
Pinus sylvestris (Scotch pine) {'latname': u'Pinus sylvestris', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'Scotch pine', 'spid': u'6521', 'found': [u'Pinus sylvestris', u'1499/6521', '', u'2017-09-12', u'', '', [u'20170912olymp6436'], [u'20170912olymp6436cs'], True, True, '41.89837 -70.66063']} — photos: [1]
Rhododendron catawbiense (Catawba rhododendron) {'latname': u'Rhododendron catawbiense', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'Catawba rhododendron', 'spid': u'15521', 'found': [u'Rhododendron catawbiense', u'1440/15521', '', u'2017-09-12', u'', '', [u'20170912olymp6379'], [u'20170912olymp6379cs'], True, True, '41.89483 -70.66038']} — photos: [1]
Salix atrocinerea and S. cinerea (rusty and gray willow complex) {'latname': u'Salix atrocinerea and S. cinerea', 'colname': u'rusty and gray willow complex', 'spid': u'14346', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Salix atrocinerea and S. cinerea (rusty and ash willow with hybrids)', u'1/14346', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'681', [], [], True, True, '41.90044 -70.66739,41.89489 -70.65918,41.89496 -70.65898,41.89506 -70.66127,41.89507 -70.6613,41.89508 -70.65973,41.89518 -70.66162,41.89518 -70.66185,41.8952 -70.66179,41.89524 -70.66176,41.89555 -70.66104,41.8958 -70.6616,41.89595 -70.66205,41.89613 -70.66219,41.89658 -70.6628,41.89662 -70.66293,41.89677 -70.66345,41.89679 -70.66349,41.89686 -70.66354,41.89689 -70.65961,41.89689 -70.66355,41.8969 -70.66356,41.89693 -70.66356,41.89694 -70.65966,41.89791 -70.66434,41.89798 -70.66448,41.8982 -70.66484,41.89825 -70.66494,41.89844 -70.66504,41.89845 -70.66505,41.89846 -70.66506,41.89918 -70.66722,41.89948 -70.66743,41.89983 -70.66772,41.89989 -70.66776,41.89998 -70.66778,41.90055 -70.66294,41.90063 -70.66303,41.90099 -70.6648,41.90136 -70.66372,41.90136 -70.66404,41.89261 -70.66504,41.89269 -70.66517,41.89288 -70.66524,41.89302 -70.66529,41.89387 -70.6637,41.89395 -70.66368,41.89415 -70.66361,41.89502 -70.66118,41.89504 -70.661,41.89506 -70.66124,41.89507 -70.66129,41.89509 -70.66132'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVEcommon — [map]
Salix atrocinerea x discolor (hybrid willow) {'latname': u'Salix atrocinerea x discolor', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'hybrid willow', 'spid': u'11897', 'found': [u'Salix atrocinerea x discolor', u'1/11897', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'putative hybrid of native and invasive willow', u'1088', [], [], True, True, '41.89501 -70.65893']}putative hybrid of native and invasive willow
Wisteria sinensis (Chinese wisteria) {'latname': u'Wisteria sinensis', 'colname': u'Chinese wisteria', 'spid': u'13427', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not officially)', 'found': [u'Wisteria sinensis (Chinese wisteria)', u'1443/13427', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'occasional', u'779', [], [u'20170912olymp6203cs', u'20170912olymp6195cs'], True, True, '41.8989 -70.66669,41.89948 -70.66743'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not officially)occasional — photos: [1] [2] — [map]
Alien Grasses, Rushes, Sedges, and Sedge Family Plants
Calamagrostis epigeios (feathertop, bushgrass) {'latname': u'Calamagrostis epigeios ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'feathertop, bushgrass', 'spid': u'14430', 'found': [u'Calamagrostis epigeios (feathertop, bushgrass)', u'1503/14430', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'once in N part', u'756', [], [], True, True, '41.90109 -70.66499']}once in N part
Dactylis glomerata (orchard grass) {'latname': u'Dactylis glomerata', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'orchard grass', 'spid': u'12376', 'found': [u'Dactylis glomerata (orchard grass)', u'1503/12376', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'one sample', u'824', [], [], True, True, '']}one sample
Digitaria ischaemum (smooth crabgrass) {'latname': u'Digitaria ischaemum ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'smooth crabgrass', 'spid': u'14192', 'found': [u'Digitaria ischaemum (smooth crabgrass)', u'1503/14192', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'761', [], [u'20170911olymp6088cs'], True, True, '41.90038 -70.66754']} — photos: [1]
Miscanthus sinensis (Chinese plumegrass) {'latname': u'Miscanthus sinensis', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'Chinese plumegrass', 'spid': u'15396', 'found': [u'Miscanthus sinensis (Chinese plumegrass)', u'1503/15396', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'planted', u'1089', [], [], True, True, '41.9008 -70.66322']}planted
Phragmites australis (common reed) {'latname': u'Phragmites australis ', 'colname': u'common reed', 'spid': u'5070', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Phragmites australis (common reed)', u'1503/5070', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'single patch', u'799', [], [], True, True, '41.90053 -70.66292'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVEsingle patch — [map]
Poa annua (annual bluegrass) {'latname': u'Poa annua', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'annual bluegrass', 'spid': u'13333', 'found': [u'Poa annua (annual bluegrass)', u'1503/13333', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'752', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once
Poa compressa (flat-stemmed bluegrass) {'latname': u'Poa compressa ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'flat-stemmed bluegrass', 'spid': u'12592', 'found': [u'Poa compressa (flat-stemmed bluegrass)', u'1503/12592', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'one sample', u'825', [], [], True, True, '']}one sample
Alien Herbaceous Plants
Campanula rapunculoides (rampion, creeping bellflower) {'latname': u'Campanula rapunculoides', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'rampion, creeping bellflower', 'spid': u'7049', 'found': [u'Campanula rapunculoides', u'1409/7049', '', u'2017-09-11', u'', '', [u'20170911olymp6148'], [u'20170911olymp6148cs'], True, True, '41.90076 -70.66729']} — photos: [1]
Cichorium intybus (chicory) {'latname': u'Cichorium intybus ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'chicory', 'spid': u'7055', 'found': [u'Cichorium intybus', u'1394/7055', '', u'2017-09-12', u'', '', [u'20170912olymp6172'], [], True, True, '41.89999 -70.66778']}
Cirsium vulgare (bull thistle) {'latname': u'Cirsium vulgare ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'bull thistle', 'spid': u'7056', 'found': [u'Cirsium vulgare (bull thistle)', u'1394/7056', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'seen once', u'774', [], [u'20170912olymp6180cs'], True, True, '41.89985 -70.66772']}seen once — photos: [1]
Daucus carota (Queen Anne's lace, wild carrot) {'latname': u'Daucus carota ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u"Queen Anne's lace, wild carrot", 'spid': u'11838', 'found': [u"Daucus carota (Queen Anne's lace)", u'1386/11838', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'719', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once
Hieracium pilosella (mouse-ear hawkweed) {'latname': u'Hieracium pilosella', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'mouse-ear hawkweed', 'spid': u'7094', 'found': [u'Hieracium pilosella', u'1394/7094', '', u'2017-09-12', u'', '', [u'20170912olymp6299'], [], True, True, '41.89671 -70.66331']}
Hieracium pratense (king-devil, meadow hawkweed) {'latname': u'Hieracium pratense', 'colname': u'king-devil, meadow hawkweed', 'spid': u'7164', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not officially)', 'found': [u'Hieracium pratense', u'1394/7164', '', u'2017-09-12', u'', '', [u'20170912olymp6313'], [u'20170912olymp6313cs'], True, True, '41.89662 -70.66299'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not officially) — photos: [1] — [map]
Hieracium sabaudum (Savoy hawkweed, Canada hawkweed) {'latname': u'Hieracium sabaudum ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'Savoy hawkweed, Canada hawkweed', 'spid': u'10113', 'found': [u'Hieracium sabaudum (Savoy hawkweed, Canada hawkweed)', u'1394/10113', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once, seedling', u'819', [], [], True, True, '41.89337 -70.66509']}seen once, seedling
Hypochaeris radicata (hairy cat's-ear, false dandelion) {'latname': u'Hypochaeris radicata ', 'colname': u"hairy cat's-ear, false dandelion", 'spid': u'10115', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not officially)', 'found': [u"Hypochaeris radicata (hairy cat's-ear)", u'1394/10115', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'common', u'705', [], [u'20170912olymp6308cs'], True, True, '41.90057 -70.66724,41.89507 -70.6613,41.89664 -70.66303,41.89664 -70.66304,41.89689 -70.66355,41.89819 -70.66484,41.8982 -70.66485,41.89825 -70.66494,41.89838 -70.66499,41.89864 -70.66558,41.89867 -70.66555,41.8987 -70.66561,41.8924 -70.66293,41.89262 -70.66468,41.89272 -70.66206,41.89358 -70.66448'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not officially)common — photos: [1] — [map]
Jasione montana (sheep's bit) {'latname': u'Jasione montana ', 'colname': u"sheep's bit", 'spid': u'12800', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not officially)', 'found': [u"Jasione montana (sheep's bit)", u'1409/12800', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'in S part', u'808', [], [u'20170913olymp6573cs', u'20170913olymp6527cs', u'20170913olymp6532cs', u'20170913olymp6531s'], True, True, '41.89231 -70.66306,41.89289 -70.6618,41.89322 -70.66066,41.89323 -70.66044'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not officially)in S part — photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] — [map]
Lactuca serriola (prickly lettuce) {'latname': u'Lactuca serriola ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'prickly lettuce', 'spid': u'12298', 'found': [u'Lactuca serriola (prickly lettuce)', u'1394/12298', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'seen once, in S part', u'798', [], [], True, True, '41.89498 -70.66013']}seen once, in S part
Lobelia siphilitica (great blue lobelia) {'latname': u'Lobelia siphilitica', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'great blue lobelia', 'spid': u'14322', 'found': [u'Lobelia siphilitica', u'1409/14322', '', u'2017-09-11', u'', '', [u'20170911olymp6094'], [u'20170911olymp6094cs'], True, True, '41.90025 -70.66759']} — photos: [1]
Mentha spicata (spearmint) {'latname': u'Mentha spicata ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'spearmint', 'spid': u'13289', 'found': [u'Mentha spicata (spearmint)', u'1462/13289', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'726', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once
Persicaria maculosa (Polygonum persicaria) (lady's thumb) {'latname': u'Persicaria maculosa (Polygonum persicaria) ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u"lady's thumb", 'spid': u'11678', 'found': [u"Polygonum persicaria (lady's thumb)", u'1507/11678', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', '', u'714', [], [], True, True, '41.89812 -70.66475']}
Sagina procumbens (matted pearlwort, birdseye) {'latname': u'Sagina procumbens ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'matted pearlwort, birdseye', 'spid': u'13976', 'found': [u'Sagina procumbens (matted pearlwort, birdseye)', u'1413/13976', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'733', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once
Solanum dulcamara (climbing nightshade, bittersweet nightshade) {'latname': u'Solanum dulcamara', 'colname': u'climbing nightshade, bittersweet nightshade', 'spid': u'3772', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not officially)', 'found': [u'Solanum dulcamara (climbing nightshade, bittersweet nightshade)', u'1534/3772', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'frequent', u'695', [], [u'20170912olymp6413cs', u'20170912olymp6236s', u'20170912olymp6217s'], True, True, '41.89499 -70.66006,41.89526 -70.65891,41.89564 -70.66117,41.89581 -70.66168,41.89785 -70.66027,41.89838 -70.66501,41.89854 -70.66528,41.89874 -70.66571'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not officially)frequent — photos: [1] [2] [3] — [map]
Sonchus oleraceus (annual sow-thistle) {'latname': u'Sonchus oleraceus ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'annual sow-thistle', 'spid': u'11720', 'found': [u'Sonchus oleraceus (annual sow-thistle)', u'1394/11720', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-13', u'seen once, in S part', u'813', [], [], True, True, '41.89239 -70.66293']}seen once, in S part
Tanacetum vulgare (common tansy) {'latname': u'Tanacetum vulgare ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'common tansy', 'spid': u'7143', 'found': [u'Tanacetum vulgare (common tansy)', u'1394/7143', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'seen once', u'706', [], [], True, True, '']}seen once
Taraxacum officinale (common dandelion) {'latname': u'Taraxacum officinale', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'common dandelion', 'spid': u'12292', 'found': [u'Taraxacum officinale (common dandelion)', u'1394/12292', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'rare', u'784', [], [], True, True, '41.89665 -70.66302,41.8998 -70.66769']}rare
Tussilago farfara (coltsfoot) {'latname': u'Tussilago farfara ', 'colname': u'coltsfoot', 'spid': u'4491', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Tussilago farfara (coltsfoot)', u'1394/4491', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'seen once', u'785', [], [], True, True, '41.89662 -70.66304'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVEseen once — [map]
Typha angustifolia (narrow-leaved cattail) {'latname': u'Typha angustifolia ', 'colname': u'narrow-leaved cattail', 'spid': u'10069', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not officially)', 'found': [u'Typha angustifolia (narrow-leaved cattail)', u'1544/10069', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', '', u'796', [], [], True, True, '41.89834 -70.66057,41.89591 -70.65945,41.89313 -70.66088'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not officially) — [map]
Verbascum thapsus (common mullein) {'latname': u'Verbascum thapsus ', 'colname': u'common mullein', 'spid': u'4048', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not officially)', 'found': [u'Verbascum thapsus (common mullein)', u'1530/4048', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-12', u'seen once', u'772', [], [u'20170912olymp6169cs'], True, True, '41.90005 -70.66779'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not officially)seen once — photos: [1] — [map]
Alien Water Plants
Cabomba caroliniana (Carolina fanwort) {'latname': u'Cabomba caroliniana ', 'colname': u'Carolina fanwort', 'spid': u'2529', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Cabomba caroliniana (Carolina fanwort)', u'1406/2529', u'Boot Pond', u'2017-09-11', u'dominant in S part', u'740', [], [u'20170912olymp6372s', u'20170915olymp6695cs', u'20170915olymp6694cs'], True, True, '41.89519 -70.66178,41.89645 -70.66248,41.89412 -70.66034'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVEdominant in S part — photos: [1] [2] [3] — [map]
Utricularia inflata (inflated bladderwort) {'latname': u'Utricularia inflata', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'inflated bladderwort', 'spid': u'12898', 'found': [u'Utricularia inflata', u'11616/12898', '', u'2017-09-12', u'', '', [u'20170912olymp6328'], [u'20170912olymp6328cs', u'20170915olymp6691cs', u'20170915olymp6690cs'], True, True, '41.89642 -70.66244']} — photos: [1] [2] [3]

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