Plants of Savery Pond, Plymouth

Survey by A. Zinovjev and I. Kadis, June 2012 and September 2017 — 112 plant species
Gradations of rarity used by NHESP in Massachusetts: Historic─Endangered─Threatened─Special Concern─Watch-Listed. The latter category is assigned to plants whose distribution in the state is not yet sufficiently known and that may prove to be rare upon accumulating data. Maps provided for invasive plants.

Native Trees
Acer rubrum (red maple) {'latname': u'Acer rubrum', 'colname': u'red maple', 'spid': u'7004', 'found': [u'Acer rubrum (red maple)', u'1378/7004', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'865', [], [], True, True, '']}
Betula populifolia (gray birch) {'latname': u'Betula populifolia', 'colname': u'gray birch', 'spid': u'7043', 'found': [u'Betula populifolia (gray birch)', u'1398/7043', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'868', [], [], True, True, '']}
Nyssa sylvatica (tupelo, black gum) {'latname': u'Nyssa sylvatica ', 'colname': u'tupelo, black gum', 'spid': u'3526', 'found': [u'Nyssa sylvatica', u'1488/3526', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5026', u'20120622ricoh5021', u'20120622ricoh5020', u'20120622ricoh5016', u'20150725samsu4036'], [], True, True, '41.84677 -70.54802,41.84654 -70.54937,41.84568 -70.54999,41.84887 -70.55018']}
Prunus serotina (black cherry) {'latname': u'Prunus serotina', 'colname': u'black cherry', 'spid': u'3297', 'found': [u'Prunus serotina (black cherry)', u'1518/3297', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'926', [], [], True, True, '']}
Quercus coccinea (scarlet oak) {'latname': u'Quercus coccinea', 'colname': u'scarlet oak', 'spid': u'2658', 'found': [u'Quercus coccinea (scarlet oak)', u'1444/2658', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'883', [], [], True, True, '']}
Sassafras albidum (sassafras) {'latname': u'Sassafras albidum', 'colname': u'sassafras', 'spid': u'2515', 'found': [u'Sassafras albidum (sassafras)', u'1464/2515', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'925', [], [], True, True, '']}
Toxicodendron vernix (Rhus vernix) (poison sumac) {'latname': u'Toxicodendron vernix (Rhus vernix)', 'colname': u'poison sumac', 'spid': u'7168', 'found': [u'Toxicodendron vernix (poison sumac)', u'1385/7168', u'Savery Pond', u'2012-06-22', '', u'913', [], [], True, True, '']}
Native Shrubs
Amelanchier canadensis (thicket shadbush, eastern serviceberry, juneberry) {'latname': u'Amelanchier canadensis', 'colname': u'thicket shadbush, eastern serviceberry, juneberry', 'spid': u'12296', 'found': [u'Amelanchier canadensis', u'1518/12296', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5018'], [], True, True, '41.84611 -70.5498']}
Aronia x prunifolia (purple chokeberry) {'latname': u'Aronia x prunifolia ', 'colname': u'purple chokeberry', 'spid': u'12318', 'found': [u'Aronia x prunifolia (purple chokeberry)', u'1518/12318', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'880', [], [], True, True, '']}
Chamaedaphne calyculata (leatherleaf, cassandra) {'latname': u'Chamaedaphne calyculata', 'colname': u'leatherleaf, cassandra', 'spid': u'7054', 'found': [u'Chamaedaphne calyculata (leatherleaf, cassandra)', u'1440/7054', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'869', [], [], True, True, '']}
Clethra alnifolia (sweet pepperbush) {'latname': u'Clethra alnifolia', 'colname': u'sweet pepperbush', 'spid': u'7057', 'found': [u'Clethra alnifolia (sweet pepperbush)', u'1419/7057', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'924', [], [], True, True, '41.84783 -70.55123']}
Eubotrys racemosa (Leucothoe racemosa) (swamp sweetbells) {'latname': u'Eubotrys racemosa (Leucothoe racemosa)', 'colname': u'swamp sweetbells', 'spid': u'7115', 'found': [u'Leucothoe racemosa (swamp sweetbells)', u'1440/7115', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', u'once', u'873', [], [], True, True, '']}once
Gaylussacia frondosa (blue huckleberry, dangleberry) {'latname': u'Gaylussacia frondosa', 'colname': u'blue huckleberry, dangleberry', 'spid': u'7091', 'found': [u'Gaylussacia frondosa', u'1440/7091', '', '', '', 0, [u'20150725samsu4037'], [u'20150725samsu4037s'], True, True, '41.84888 -70.55015']}
Ilex verticillata (common winterberry) {'latname': u'Ilex verticillata ', 'colname': u'common winterberry', 'spid': u'7104', 'found': [u'Ilex verticillata', u'1388/7104', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5014', u'20120622ricoh5013'], [u'20120622ricoh5014s', u'20120622ricoh5013cs'], True, True, '41.84553 -70.55006']}
Lyonia ligustrina (maleberry) {'latname': u'Lyonia ligustrina ', 'colname': u'maleberry', 'spid': u'7120', 'found': [u'Lyonia ligustrina (maleberry)', u'1440/7120', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'870', [], [], True, True, '']}
Morella pensylvanica (Myrica pensylvanica) (bayberry) {'latname': u'Morella pensylvanica (Myrica pensylvanica)', 'colname': u'bayberry', 'spid': u'2651', 'found': [u'Myrica pensylvanica (bayberry)', u'1483/2651', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'875', [], [], True, True, '']}
Myrica gale (sweet gale) {'latname': u'Myrica gale', 'colname': u'sweet gale', 'spid': u'2650', 'found': [u'Myrica gale', u'1483/2650', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5010'], [], True, True, '41.84594 -70.55167']}
Rhododendron viscosum (swamp azalea) {'latname': u'Rhododendron viscosum', 'colname': u'swamp azalea', 'spid': u'7127', 'found': [u'Rhododendron viscosum', u'1440/7127', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4982'], [], True, True, '41.84901 -70.5495']}
Rosa palustris (swamp rose) {'latname': u'Rosa palustris ', 'colname': u'swamp rose', 'spid': u'11906', 'found': [u'Rosa palustris (swamp rose)', u'1518/11906', u'Savery Pond', u'2012-06-22', '', u'914', [], [], True, True, '']}
Rosa virginiana (Virginia rose, common wild rose) {'latname': u'Rosa virginiana', 'colname': u'Virginia rose, common wild rose', 'spid': u'3317', 'found': [u'Rosa virginiana', u'1518/3317', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170917olymp6790', u'20170917olymp6789', u'20170917olymp6788'], [u'20170917olymp6790cs', u'20170917olymp6789cs', u'20170917olymp6788cs'], True, True, '']}
Salix discolor (American pussy willow) {'latname': u'Salix discolor', 'colname': u'American pussy willow', 'spid': u'11334', 'found': [u'Salix discolor', u'1/11334', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5001', u'20120622ricoh5000'], [u'20120622ricoh5000cs'], True, True, '41.84654 -70.55214']}
Sambucus canadensis (common elderberry) {'latname': u'Sambucus canadensis', 'colname': u'common elderberry', 'spid': u'10120', 'found': [u'Sambucus canadensis', u'1412/10120', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4916'], [u'20120622ricoh4916s'], True, True, '41.84903 -70.54763']}
Vaccinium corymbosum (highbush blueberry) {'latname': u'Vaccinium corymbosum', 'colname': u'highbush blueberry', 'spid': u'7150', 'found': [u'Vaccinium corymbosum', u'1440/7150', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5015'], [u'20120622ricoh5015cs'], True, True, '41.84553 -70.55006']}
Rubus hispidus (bristly dewberry, swamp dewberry) {'latname': u'Rubus hispidus', 'colname': u'bristly dewberry, swamp dewberry', 'spid': u'3326', 'found': [u'Rubus hispidus', u'1518/3326', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4976'], [u'20120622ricoh4976cs'], True, True, '41.8498 -70.54781']}
Native Woody Vines
Smilax glauca (sawbrier, wild sarsaparilla ) {'latname': u'Smilax glauca', 'colname': u'sawbrier, wild sarsaparilla ', 'spid': u'10066', 'found': [u'Smilax glauca', u'1533/10066', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4954'], [u'20120622ricoh4954cs'], True, True, '41.8498 -70.54802']}
Smilax rotundifolia (catbrier, bullbrier) {'latname': u'Smilax rotundifolia', 'colname': u'catbrier, bullbrier', 'spid': u'10068', 'found': [u'Smilax rotundifolia', u'1533/10068', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4956'], [u'20120622ricoh4956cs'], True, True, '41.84978 -70.54798']}
Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy) {'latname': u'Toxicodendron radicans', 'colname': u'poison ivy', 'spid': u'7144', 'found': [u'Toxicodendron Rhus radicans', u'1385/7144', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4956', u'20120622ricoh4941'], [u'20120622ricoh4956sc', u'20120622ricoh4941cs'], True, True, '41.84978 -70.54798,41.84974 -70.54796']}
Vitis labrusca (fox grape) {'latname': u'Vitis labrusca ', 'colname': u'fox grape', 'spid': u'3581', 'found': [u'Vitis labrusca (fox grape)', u'1551/3581', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'879', [], [], True, True, '']}
Native Grasses, Rushes, Sedges, and Sedge Family Plants
Eleocharis acicularis (needle spike-rush) {'latname': u'Eleocharis acicularis', 'colname': u'needle spike-rush', 'spid': u'11984', 'found': [u'Eleocharis acicularis (needle spike-rush)', u'1428/11984', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'890', [], [], True, True, '']}
Juncus militaris (bayonet rush) {'latname': u'Juncus militaris ', 'colname': u'bayonet rush', 'spid': u'13781', 'found': [u'Juncus militaris', u'1460/13781', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4989', u'20120622ricoh4906', u'20170916olymp6733'], [u'20120622ricoh4989s', u'20120622ricoh4906s', u'20170916olymp6733cs'], True, True, '41.84864 -70.55051,41.84789 -70.54834,41.84601 -70.55184']}
Schoenoplectus subterminalis (Scirpus subterminalis, water bulrush, floating bulrush) {'latname': u'Schoenoplectus subterminalis', 'colname': u'Scirpus subterminalis, water bulrush, floating bulrush', 'spid': u'13799', 'found': [u'Scirpus subterminalis', u'1428/13799', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6735'], [u'20170916olymp6735cs'], True, True, '41.84597 -70.5517']}
Andropogon glomeratus (bushy bluestem) {'latname': u'Andropogon glomeratus', 'colname': u'bushy bluestem', 'spid': u'12578', 'found': [u'Andropogon glomeratus (bunched broomsedge)', u'1503/12578', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'896', [], [], True, True, '']}
Calamagrostis canadensis (Canada bluejoint) {'latname': u'Calamagrostis canadensis ', 'colname': u'Canada bluejoint', 'spid': u'12084', 'found': [u'Calamagrostis canadensis', u'1503/12084', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5002', u'20120622ricoh4926'], [u'20120622ricoh5002cs', u'20120622ricoh4926cs'], True, True, '41.84654 -70.55214,41.84971 -70.54811']}
Carex canescens ssp. disjuncta (silvery bog sedge) {'latname': u'Carex canescens ssp. disjuncta', 'colname': u'silvery bog sedge', 'spid': u'13141', 'found': [u'Carex canescens ssp. disjuncta', u'1428/13141', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7053', u'20170922olymp7052', u'20170922olymp7051'], [u'20170922olymp7053cs', u'20170922olymp7052cs', u'20170922olymp7051cs'], True, True, '']}
Carex longii (Long's sedge) {'latname': u'Carex longii ', 'colname': u"Long's sedge", 'spid': u'15106', 'found': [u'Carex longii', u'1428/15106', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7067', u'20170922olymp7064', u'20170922olymp7063'], [u'20170922olymp7067cs', u'20170922olymp7064cs', u'20170922olymp7063cs'], True, True, '']}
Carex scoparia (broom sedge) {'latname': u'Carex scoparia', 'colname': u'broom sedge', 'spid': u'4747', 'found': [u'Carex scoparia', u'1428/4747', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7059', u'20170922olymp7058', u'20170922olymp7057'], [u'20170922olymp7059cs', u'20170922olymp7058cs', u'20170922olymp7057cs'], True, True, '']}
Cyperus dentatus (pondshore flatsedge) {'latname': u'Cyperus dentatus ', 'colname': u'pondshore flatsedge', 'spid': u'11834', 'found': [u'Cyperus dentatus (pondshore flatsedge)', u'1428/11834', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'851', [], [], True, True, '']}
Cyperus lupulinus (slender sand flatsedge) {'latname': u'Cyperus lupulinus ', 'colname': u'slender sand flatsedge', 'spid': u'10017', 'found': [u'Cyperus lupulinus', u'1428/10017', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4920', u'20120622ricoh4929', u'20170922olymp7056'], [u'20120622ricoh4929cs', u'20170922olymp7056cs'], True, True, '41.84926 -70.5475,41.84978 -70.54798']}
Cyperus strigosus (straw-colored flatsedge) {'latname': u'Cyperus strigosus ', 'colname': u'straw-colored flatsedge', 'spid': u'13178', 'found': [u'Cyperus strigosus', u'1428/13178', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170917olymp6791'], [u'20170917olymp6791cs'], True, True, '']}
Dichanthelium acuminatum var. implicatum (pondshore panic-grass) {'latname': u'Dichanthelium acuminatum var. implicatum ', 'colname': u'pondshore panic-grass', 'spid': u'14777', 'found': [u'Dichanthelium acuminatum var. implicatum (pondshore panic-grass)', u'1503/14777', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'857', [], [], True, True, '']}
Dichanthelium clandestinum (deertongue) {'latname': u'Dichanthelium clandestinum', 'colname': u'deertongue', 'spid': u'10053', 'found': [u'Dichanthelium clandestinum', u'1503/10053', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4938'], [u'20120622ricoh4938cs'], True, True, '41.84976 -70.54796']}
Eleocharis flavescens var. olivacea (olive spike-rush) {'latname': u'Eleocharis flavescens var. olivacea', 'colname': u'olive spike-rush', 'spid': u'14790', 'found': [u'Eleocharis flavescens var. olivacea', u'1428/14790', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7055', u'20170922olymp7054'], [u'20170922olymp7055cs', u'20170922olymp7054cs'], True, True, '']}
Juncus canadensis (marsh rush, Canada rush) {'latname': u'Juncus canadensis ', 'colname': u'marsh rush, Canada rush', 'spid': u'13260', 'found': [u'Juncus canadensis', u'1460/13260', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7062', u'20170922olymp7061', u'20170916olymp6743'], [u'20170922olymp7062cs', u'20170922olymp7061cs', u'20170916olymp6743cs'], True, True, '41.84525 -70.55065']}
Juncus effusus (soft rush) {'latname': u'Juncus effusus', 'colname': u'soft rush', 'spid': u'10024', 'found': [u'Juncus effusus (common rush)', u'1460/10024', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'845', [], [], True, True, '']}
Juncus pelocarpus (pondshore rush) {'latname': u'Juncus pelocarpus ', 'colname': u'pondshore rush', 'spid': u'13262', 'found': [u'Juncus pelocarpus', u'1460/13262', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6736'], [u'20170916olymp6736cs'], True, True, '41.84576 -70.55166']}
Juncus tenuis (path rush, yard rush) {'latname': u'Juncus tenuis', 'colname': u'path rush, yard rush', 'spid': u'12618', 'found': [u'Juncus tenuis', u'1460/12618', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6738'], [u'20170916olymp6738cs'], True, True, '41.84526 -70.55027']}
Leersia oryzoides (rice cutgrass) {'latname': u'Leersia oryzoides ', 'colname': u'rice cutgrass', 'spid': u'13267', 'found': [u'Leersia oryzoides (rice cutgrass)', u'1503/13267', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'856', [], [], True, True, '']}
Panicum dichotomiflorum (fall panic-grass) {'latname': u'Panicum dichotomiflorum ', 'colname': u'fall panic-grass', 'spid': u'14256', 'found': [u'Panicum dichotomiflorum', u'1503/14256', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6759'], [u'20170916olymp6759s'], True, True, '41.8496 -70.54751']}
Schizachyrium scoparium (little bluestem) {'latname': u'Schizachyrium scoparium', 'colname': u'little bluestem', 'spid': u'10060', 'found': [u'Schizachyrium scoparium (little bluestem)', u'1503/10060', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'895', [], [], True, True, '']}
Schoenoplectus pungens (Scirpus pungens) (common threesquare) {'latname': u'Schoenoplectus pungens (Scirpus pungens) ', 'colname': u'common threesquare', 'spid': u'14380', 'found': [u'Scirpus pungens', u'1428/14380', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6758'], [u'20170916olymp6758cs'], True, True, '41.84948 -70.54739']}
Scirpus cyperinus (common bulrush) {'latname': u'Scirpus cyperinus', 'colname': u'common bulrush', 'spid': u'10020', 'found': [u'Scirpus cyperinus', u'1428/10020', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5011'], [u'20120622ricoh5011cs'], True, True, '41.84579 -70.55169,41.84635 -70.55201']}
Native Other Herbaceous Plants
Decodon verticillatus (swamp loosestrife, waterwillow) {'latname': u'Decodon verticillatus ', 'colname': u'swamp loosestrife, waterwillow', 'spid': u'3486', 'found': [u'Decodon verticillatus', u'1473/3486', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4985', u'20120622ricoh4984', u'20120622ricoh4927', u'20120622ricoh4925'], [u'20120622ricoh4984s', u'20120622ricoh4984cs', u'20120622ricoh4927cs'], True, True, '41.84888 -70.54963,41.84974 -70.54808,41.84976 -70.54834,41.84784 -70.55124']}
Epigaea repens (trailing arbutus, mayflower) {'latname': u'Epigaea repens', 'colname': u'trailing arbutus, mayflower', 'spid': u'7076', 'found': [u'Epigaea repens', u'1440/7076', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5084'], [u'20120622ricoh5084sc'], True, True, '41.8484 -70.55087']}
Apios americana (American groundnut) {'latname': u'Apios americana ', 'colname': u'American groundnut', 'spid': u'7012', 'found': [u'Apios americana', u'1443/7012', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4975'], [], True, True, '41.8498 -70.54781']}
Asclepias incarnata ssp. pulchra (downy swamp milkweed) {'latname': u'Asclepias incarnata ssp. pulchra ', 'colname': u'downy swamp milkweed', 'spid': u'10103', 'found': [u'Asclepias incarnata ssp. pulchra', u'1392/10103', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4999', u'20120622ricoh4998'], [u'20120622ricoh4999cs'], True, True, '41.84702 -70.5521']}
Bidens frondosa (common beggar-ticks) {'latname': u'Bidens frondosa', 'colname': u'common beggar-ticks', 'spid': u'13130', 'found': [u'Bidens frondosa (beggar-ticks)', u'1394/13130', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', u'to check ID', u'881', [], [], True, True, '']}to check ID
Cuscuta compacta (dense or compact dodder) {'latname': u'Cuscuta compacta', 'colname': u'dense or compact dodder', 'spid': u'14194', 'found': [u'Cuscuta compacta', u'1427/14194', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7076', u'20170922olymp7075', u'20170922olymp7072', u'20170922olymp7070', u'20170922olymp7069', u'20170916olymp6739', u'20170916olymp6716', u'20170916olymp6715', u'20170916olymp6714', u'20170916olymp6713', u'20170916olymp6711'], [u'20170922olymp7076cs', u'20170922olymp7075cs', u'20170922olymp7072cs', u'20170922olymp7070cs', u'20170922olymp7069cs', u'20170916olymp6739cs', u'20170916olymp6716cs', u'20170916olymp6715cs', u'20170916olymp6714cs', u'20170916olymp6713cs'], True, True, '41.84523 -70.55023,41.84789 -70.5513,41.84791 -70.55132']}
Drosera rotundifolia (roundleaf sundew) {'latname': u'Drosera rotundifolia ', 'colname': u'roundleaf sundew', 'spid': u'7074', 'found': [u'Drosera rotundifolia', u'1433/7074', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5089', u'20120622ricoh5086', u'20120622ricoh5084', u'20120622ricoh5083'], [u'20120622ricoh5089cs', u'20120622ricoh5086cs', u'20120622ricoh5084cs', u'20120622ricoh5083cs'], True, True, '41.84843 -70.55087,41.84838 -70.55096']}
Eupatorium perfoliatum (boneset, thoroughwort) {'latname': u'Eupatorium perfoliatum ', 'colname': u'boneset, thoroughwort', 'spid': u'11800', 'found': [u'Eupatorium perfoliatum', u'1394/11800', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4930', u'20170916olymp6748'], [u'20120622ricoh4930cs', u'20170916olymp6748cs'], True, True, '41.84978 -70.54798,41.84676 -70.54803']}
Euthamia caroliniana (Solidago tenuifolia) (coastal plain slender goldenrod, narrow-leaf flat-topped goldenrod) {'latname': u'Euthamia caroliniana (Solidago tenuifolia) ', 'colname': u'coastal plain slender goldenrod, narrow-leaf flat-topped goldenrod', 'spid': u'10112', 'found': [u'Euthamia caroliniana (coastal plain slender goldenrod)', u'1394/10112', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'887', [], [], True, True, '']}
Galium tinctorium (stiff bedstraw, Clayton's bedstraw) {'latname': u'Galium tinctorium ', 'colname': u"stiff bedstraw, Clayton's bedstraw", 'spid': u'13229', 'found': [u'Galium tinctorium', u'1519/13229', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4951'], [u'20120622ricoh4951cs', u'20120622ricoh4951sc'], True, True, '41.8498 -70.54798']}
Gratiola aurea (golden hedgehyssop) {'latname': u'Gratiola aurea', 'colname': u'golden hedgehyssop', 'spid': u'4009', 'found': [u'Gratiola aurea', u'1530/4009', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4952', u'20170921olymp6977', u'20170921olymp6976', u'20170916olymp6741'], [u'20120622ricoh4952cs', u'20170921olymp6977cs', u'20170921olymp6976cs', u'20170916olymp6741cs'], True, True, '41.84976 -70.54798,41.84524 -70.55054']}
Hypericum boreale (northern St. John's-wort) {'latname': u'Hypericum boreale ', 'colname': u"northern St. John's-wort", 'spid': u'13255', 'found': [u'Hypericum boreale', u'1420/13255', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6723'], [u'20170916olymp6723cs'], True, True, '41.84697 -70.5519']}
Impatiens capensis (orange jewelweed, spotted jewelweed) {'latname': u'Impatiens capensis', 'colname': u'orange jewelweed, spotted jewelweed', 'spid': u'7105', 'found': [u'Impatiens capensis', u'1396/7105', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4997', u'20120622ricoh4931', u'20170916olymp6751'], [u'20120622ricoh4997s', u'20120622ricoh4931s', u'20170916olymp6751cs'], True, True, '41.84703 -70.55195,41.84978 -70.54798,41.84683 -70.54721']}
Iris versicolor (northern blueflag) {'latname': u'Iris versicolor ', 'colname': u'northern blueflag', 'spid': u'10022', 'found': [u'Iris versicolor (northern blueflag)', u'1457/10022', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'842', [], [], True, True, '']}
Lechea maritima (beach pinweed) {'latname': u'Lechea maritima ', 'colname': u'beach pinweed', 'spid': u'14022', 'found': [u'Lechea maritima', u'1418/14022', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4972', u'20120622ricoh4965'], [u'20120622ricoh4972cs', u'20120622ricoh4965cs'], True, True, '41.84965 -70.54768,41.84967 -70.54778']}
Ludwigia palustris (water purslane, mud loosestrife) {'latname': u'Ludwigia palustris ', 'colname': u'water purslane, mud loosestrife', 'spid': u'3512', 'found': [u'Ludwigia palustris', u'1490/3512', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp6982', u'20170921olymp6980'], [u'20170921olymp6982s', u'20170921olymp6980cs'], True, True, '']}
Lycopus amplectens (pondshore water-horehound, sessile water-horehound) {'latname': u'Lycopus amplectens ', 'colname': u'pondshore water-horehound, sessile water-horehound', 'rare': 'Watch-Listed', 'spid': u'14440', 'found': [u'Lycopus amplectens', u'1462/14440', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6719', u'20170916olymp6718', u'20170916olymp6717'], [u'20170916olymp6719cs', u'20170916olymp6718cs', u'20170916olymp6717cs'], True, True, '41.84725 -70.55173']}Watch-Listed
Lysimachia terrestris (swamp candles) {'latname': u'Lysimachia terrestris ', 'colname': u'swamp candles', 'spid': u'3152', 'found': [u'Lysimachia terrestris (swamp candles)', u'1512/3152', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'897', [], [], True, True, '']}
Nuttallanthus canadensis (blue toadflax, old-field toadflax) {'latname': u'Nuttallanthus canadensis ', 'colname': u'blue toadflax, old-field toadflax', 'spid': u'4025', 'found': [u'Nuttallanthus Linaria canadensis', u'1530/4025', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4935', u'20120622ricoh4933'], [u'20120622ricoh4935cs', u'20120622ricoh4933s'], True, True, '41.84961 -70.54798']}
Persicaria punctata (Polygonum punctatum) (dotted smartweed) {'latname': u'Persicaria punctata (Polygonum punctatum) ', 'colname': u'dotted smartweed', 'spid': u'2859', 'found': [u'Polygonum punctatum (dotted smartweed)', u'1507/2859', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'898', [], [], True, True, '']}
Pityopsis falcata (sickle-leaved golden aster) {'latname': u'Pityopsis falcata', 'colname': u'sickle-leaved golden aster', 'spid': u'11684', 'found': [u'Pityopsis Chrysopsis falcata', u'1394/11684', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6745'], [u'20170916olymp6745cs'], True, True, '41.84519 -70.55063']}
Rhexia virginica (northern meadowbeauty, wingstem meadowpitchers) {'latname': u'Rhexia virginica ', 'colname': u'northern meadowbeauty, wingstem meadowpitchers', 'spid': u'12068', 'found': [u'Rhexia virginica', u'12064/12068', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4974', u'20120622ricoh4967'], [u'20120622ricoh4974s', u'20120622ricoh4967cs'], True, True, '41.84965 -70.54774,41.84969 -70.54772']}
Sagittaria latifolia (common arrowhead) {'latname': u'Sagittaria latifolia', 'colname': u'common arrowhead', 'spid': u'10004', 'found': [u'Sagittaria latifolia', u'1383/10004', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6731'], [u'20170916olymp6731cs'], True, True, '41.84635 -70.552']}
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii (Aster novi-belgii) (New York aster) {'latname': u'Symphyotrichum novi-belgii (Aster novi-belgii) ', 'colname': u'New York aster', 'spid': u'7028', 'found': [u'Aster Symphyotrichum novi-belgii', u'1394/7028', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6726'], [u'20170916olymp6726cs'], True, True, '41.84682 -70.55205']}
Triadenum virginicum (Hypericum virginicum) (marsh St. John's-wort) {'latname': u'Triadenum virginicum (Hypericum virginicum) ', 'colname': u"marsh St. John's-wort", 'spid': u'10114', 'found': [u'Triadenum virginicum', u'1420/10114', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7073', u'20170916olymp6742'], [u'20170922olymp7073cs', u'20170916olymp6742cs'], True, True, '41.84525 -70.55059']}
Native Water Plants
Brasenia schreberi (watershield) {'latname': u'Brasenia schreberi', 'colname': u'watershield', 'spid': u'7044', 'found': [u'Brasenia schreberi', u'1406/7044', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4983', u'20120622ricoh4979'], [u'20120622ricoh4983cs', u'20120622ricoh4979cs'], True, True, '41.84901 -70.5495,41.84956 -70.54895']}
Callitriche heterophylla (variable water-starwort) {'latname': u'Callitriche heterophylla ', 'colname': u'variable water-starwort', 'spid': u'12310', 'found': [u'Callitriche heterophylla', u'1408/12310', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4991', u'20170921olymp7038', u'20170921olymp7037'], [u'20120622ricoh4991cs', u'20170921olymp7038cs', u'20170921olymp7037cs'], True, True, '41.84866 -70.55051']}
Ceratophyllum demersum (hornwort, coontail) {'latname': u'Ceratophyllum demersum', 'colname': u'hornwort, coontail', 'spid': u'13789', 'found': [u'Ceratophyllum demersum', u'13783/13789', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp7028'], [u'20170921olymp7028cs'], True, True, '']}
Elatine minima (lesser waterwort) {'latname': u'Elatine minima ', 'colname': u'lesser waterwort', 'spid': u'13201', 'found': [u'Elatine minima', u'12957/13201', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp6961', u'20170921olymp6960', u'20170921olymp6959', u'20170921olymp6958', u'20170921olymp6957', u'20170921olymp6956', u'20170921olymp6955', u'20170921olymp7042'], [u'20170921olymp6961cs', u'20170921olymp6960cs', u'20170921olymp6959cs', u'20170921olymp6958cs', u'20170921olymp6957cs', u'20170921olymp6956cs', u'20170921olymp6955cs'], True, True, '']}
Hypericum boreale f. callitrichoides (northern dwarf St. John's-wort submersed form) {'latname': u'Hypericum boreale f. callitrichoides', 'colname': u"northern dwarf St. John's-wort submersed form", 'spid': u'13589', 'found': [u'Hypericum boreale f. callitrichoides', u'1420/13589', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp6970'], [u'20170921olymp6970cs'], True, True, '']}
Isoetes sp. (quillwort) {'latname': u'Isoetes sp. ', 'colname': u'quillwort', 'spid': u'15142', 'found': [u'Isoetes sp.', u'12963/15142', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp6945', u'20170921olymp6944'], [u'20170921olymp6945cs', u'20170921olymp6944cs'], True, True, '']}
Lemna valdiviana (pale duckweed) {'latname': u'Lemna valdiviana', 'colname': u'pale duckweed', 'rare': u'Historic', 'spid': u'13753', 'found': [u'Lemna valdiviana', u'11856/13753', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7050', u'20170921olymp7049', u'20170921olymp7048', u'20170921olymp7047', u'20170921olymp7046', u'20170921olymp7045', u'20170921olymp7044', u'20170921olymp7043', u'20170921olymp6969', u'20170921olymp6966', u'20170921olymp6965', u'20170921olymp6964', u'20170921olymp6963', u'20170921olymp6962'], [u'20170922olymp7050st', u'20170921olymp6969st', u'20170921olymp6966cs', u'20170921olymp6965cs', u'20170921olymp6964cs', u'20170921olymp6963cs', u'20170921olymp6962cs'], True, True, '']}Historic
Lobelia dortmanna (water lobelia) {'latname': u'Lobelia dortmanna', 'colname': u'water lobelia', 'spid': u'11778', 'found': [u'Lobelia dortmanna (water lobelia)', u'1409/11778', u'Savery Pond', u'2012-06-22', '', u'904', [], [], True, True, '']}
Myriophyllum humile (lowly watermilfoil) {'latname': u'Myriophyllum humile', 'colname': u'lowly watermilfoil', 'spid': u'13298', 'found': [u'Myriophyllum humile', u'1450/13298', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp7024', u'20170921olymp7023'], [u'20170921olymp7024cs', u'20170921olymp7023cs'], True, True, '']}
Nuphar variegata (yellow waterlily, spatterdock) {'latname': u'Nuphar variegata', 'colname': u'yellow waterlily, spatterdock', 'spid': u'13305', 'found': [u'Nuphar variegata', u'1487/13305', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4923'], [u'20120622ricoh4923cs'], True, True, '41.84939 -70.54757']}
Nymphaea odorata (American white waterlily, fragrant waterlily) {'latname': u'Nymphaea odorata', 'colname': u'American white waterlily, fragrant waterlily', 'spid': u'2526', 'found': [u'Nymphaea odorata', u'1487/2526', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5003', u'20120622ricoh4980', u'20170916olymp6734'], [u'20120622ricoh5003cs', u'20120622ricoh4980cs', u'20170916olymp6734cs'], True, True, '41.84613 -70.55199,41.84956 -70.54896,41.84601 -70.55184']}
Nymphoides cordata (floating heart) {'latname': u'Nymphoides cordata', 'colname': u'floating heart', 'spid': u'11902', 'found': [u'Nymphoides cordata', u'1479/11902', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4984', u'20120622ricoh4907', u'20170921olymp7039', u'20170916olymp6758'], [u'20120622ricoh4984s', u'20120622ricoh4984cs', u'20120622ricoh4907s', u'20170921olymp7039cs', u'20170916olymp6758sc'], True, True, '41.84888 -70.54963,41.84877 -70.54781']}
Pontederia cordata (pickerelweed) {'latname': u'Pontederia cordata ', 'colname': u'pickerelweed', 'spid': u'10064', 'found': [u'Pontederia cordata', u'1509/10064', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4993', u'20170916olymp6736'], [u'20170916olymp6736sc'], True, True, '41.84746 -70.55145,41.84576 -70.55166']}
Potamogeton berchtoldii (Berchtold's pondweed, slender tiny pondweed) {'latname': u'Potamogeton berchtoldii', 'colname': u"Berchtold's pondweed, slender tiny pondweed", 'spid': u'14360', 'found': [u'Potamogeton berchtoldii', u'1511/14360', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp6953', u'20170921olymp6950', u'20170921olymp6949', u'20170921olymp6948', u'20170921olymp6946'], [u'20170921olymp6953cs', u'20170921olymp6950cs', u'20170921olymp6949cs', u'20170921olymp6948cs', u'20170921olymp6946cs'], True, True, '']}
Potamogeton bicupulatus (hairlike pondweed) {'latname': u'Potamogeton bicupulatus', 'colname': u'hairlike pondweed', 'spid': u'14350', 'found': [u'Potamogeton bicupulatus', u'1511/14350', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp7022', u'20170921olymp7019', u'20170921olymp7018', u'20170921olymp7017', u'20170921olymp7015', u'20170921olymp7013', u'20170921olymp7012', u'20170921olymp7008', u'20170916olymp6755', u'20170916olymp6754'], [u'20170921olymp7022cs', u'20170921olymp7019cs', u'20170921olymp7018cs', u'20170921olymp7017cs', u'20170921olymp7015cs', u'20170921olymp7013cs', u'20170921olymp7012cs', u'20170921olymp7008cs', u'20170916olymp6755cs', u'20170916olymp6754cs', u'20170916olymp6754sc'], True, True, '41.84692 -70.54775']}
Potamogeton natans (floating pondweed) {'latname': u'Potamogeton natans', 'colname': u'floating pondweed', 'spid': u'12628', 'found': [u'Potamogeton natans', u'1511/12628', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp6992', u'20170921olymp6991', u'20170921olymp6986', u'20170921olymp6983', u'20170916olymp6747'], [u'20170921olymp6992cs', u'20170921olymp6991cs', u'20170921olymp6986cs', u'20170921olymp6983cs', u'20170916olymp6747s'], True, True, '41.84663 -70.5484']}
Sparganium sp. (bur-reed water form) {'latname': u'Sparganium sp.', 'colname': u'bur-reed water form', 'spid': u'12414', 'found': [u'Sparganium sp.', u'12408/12414', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170921olymp7007', u'20170921olymp7006', u'20170921olymp7002', u'20170921olymp6998', u'20170921olymp6997'], [u'20170921olymp7007s', u'20170921olymp7006cs', u'20170921olymp7002cs', u'20170921olymp6998cs', u'20170921olymp6997cs'], True, True, '']}
Utricularia gibba (humped bladderwort) {'latname': u'Utricularia gibba', 'colname': u'humped bladderwort', 'spid': u'13417', 'found': [u'Utricularia gibba', u'11616/13417', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170917olymp6787', u'20170917olymp6786', u'20170917olymp6785', u'20170917olymp6784', u'20170917olymp6783', u'20170917olymp6782', u'20170917olymp6781', u'20170917olymp6780', u'20170917olymp6778', u'20170917olymp6777', u'20170917olymp6775', u'20170916olymp6724', u'20170916olymp6722', u'20170916olymp6721'], [u'20170917olymp6787cs', u'20170917olymp6786cs', u'20170917olymp6785cs', u'20170917olymp6784cs', u'20170917olymp6783cs', u'20170917olymp6782s', u'20170917olymp6781cs', u'20170917olymp6780cs', u'20170917olymp6778cs', u'20170917olymp6777cs', u'20170917olymp6775cs', u'20170916olymp6724cs', u'20170916olymp6722cs', u'20170916olymp6721s'], True, True, '41.84698 -70.55189']}
Utricularia vulgaris (common bladderwort, great bladderwort) {'latname': u'Utricularia vulgaris ', 'colname': u'common bladderwort, great bladderwort', 'spid': u'11622', 'found': [u'Utricularia vulgaris', u'11616/11622', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5008', u'20120622ricoh5006', u'20120622ricoh5005', u'20170921olymp7036', u'20170921olymp7035', u'20170921olymp7034', u'20170921olymp7033', u'20170921olymp7032', u'20170921olymp7029', u'20170921olymp7027', u'20170921olymp7026', u'20170921olymp7025'], [u'20120622ricoh5008cs', u'20120622ricoh5006cs', u'20120622ricoh5005cs', u'20170921olymp7036cs', u'20170921olymp7035cs', u'20170921olymp7034cs', u'20170921olymp7032cs', u'20170921olymp7029cs', u'20170921olymp7027s', u'20170921olymp7026sc', u'20170921olymp7026cs', u'20170921olymp7025cs'], True, True, '41.84619 -70.55212']}
Native Ferns
Osmunda cinnamomea (Osmundastrum cinnamomeum) (cinnamon fern) {'latname': u'Osmunda cinnamomea (Osmundastrum cinnamomeum)', 'colname': u'cinnamon fern', 'spid': u'6088', 'found': [u'Osmunda cinnamomea (cinnamon fern)', u'1494/6088', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'849', [], [], True, True, '']}
Woodwardia virginica (Virginia chain fern) {'latname': u'Woodwardia virginica', 'colname': u'Virginia chain fern', 'spid': u'6012', 'found': [u'Woodwardia virginica', u'1400/6012', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4997', u'20120622ricoh4996', u'20120622ricoh4995', u'20120622ricoh4988', u'20120622ricoh4986', u'20170916olymp6708'], [u'20120622ricoh4997s', u'20120622ricoh4996cs', u'20120622ricoh4995s', u'20120622ricoh4988cs', u'20120622ricoh4986cs', u'20170916olymp6708cs'], True, True, '41.84703 -70.55195,41.84732 -70.55161,41.84855 -70.55042,41.84845 -70.55048']}
Alien Woody Plants (Trees, Shrubs, Vines)
Campsis radicans (trumpet creeper) {'latname': u'Campsis radicans', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'trumpet creeper', 'spid': u'11672', 'found': [u'Campsis radicans', u'1399/11672', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4970'], [u'20120622ricoh4970cs'], True, True, '41.84961 -70.54763']}
Celastrus orbiculatus (Oriental bittersweet, Asian bittersweet) {'latname': u'Celastrus orbiculatus', 'colname': u'Oriental bittersweet, Asian bittersweet', 'spid': u'10106', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Celastrus orbiculatus', u'1414/10106', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4942', u'20150725samsu4042', u'20150725samsu4041'], [u'20120622ricoh4942cs', u'20150725samsu4041cs'], True, True, '41.84974 -70.54796,41.84896 -70.54986'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE — [map]
Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle) {'latname': u'Lonicera japonica', 'colname': u'Japanese honeysuckle', 'spid': u'4139', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Lonicera japonica', u'1412/4139', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4962'], [u'20120622ricoh4962cs', u'20120622ricoh4962c'], True, True, '41.84974 -70.54798'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE — [map]
Lonicera morrowii (Morrow's honeysuckle) {'latname': u'Lonicera morrowii', 'colname': u"Morrow's honeysuckle", 'spid': u'4141', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u"Lonicera morrowii (Morrow's honeysuckle)", u'1412/4141', u'Savery Pond', u'2012-06-22', '', u'919', [], [], True, True, ''], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE
Rosa multiflora (multiflora rose, Japanese rose) {'latname': u'Rosa multiflora ', 'colname': u'multiflora rose, Japanese rose', 'spid': u'3311', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Rosa multiflora', u'1518/3311', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4939'], [u'20120622ricoh4939cs'], True, True, '41.84976 -70.54796'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE — [map]
Salix atrocinerea and S. cinerea (rusty and gray willow complex) {'latname': u'Salix atrocinerea and S. cinerea', 'colname': u'rusty and gray willow complex', 'spid': u'14346', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Salix atrocinerea and S. cinerea', u'1/14346', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5030', u'20120622ricoh5024', u'20120622ricoh5023', u'20120622ricoh5022', u'20120622ricoh4994', u'20120622ricoh4992'], [u'20120622ricoh5030cs', u'20120622ricoh5024cs', u'20120622ricoh5023cs', u'20120622ricoh5022s', u'20120622ricoh4994cs', u'20120622ricoh4992cs'], True, True, '41.84705 -70.54778,41.8468 -70.54853,41.84733 -70.55158,41.84746 -70.55145'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE — [map]
Alien Grasses, Rushes, Sedges, and Sedge Family Plants
Digitaria ischaemum (smooth crabgrass) {'latname': u'Digitaria ischaemum ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'smooth crabgrass', 'spid': u'14192', 'found': [u'Digitaria ischaemum', u'1503/14192', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170922olymp7068'], [u'20170922olymp7068cs'], True, True, '']}
Holcus lanatus (velvet grass) {'latname': u'Holcus lanatus', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'velvet grass', 'spid': u'14076', 'found': [u'Holcus lanatus', u'1503/14076', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5082', u'20120622ricoh5081'], [u'20120622ricoh5082cs', u'20120622ricoh5081cs'], True, True, '41.84838 -70.551,41.8484 -70.55096']}
Phragmites australis (common reed) {'latname': u'Phragmites australis ', 'colname': u'common reed', 'spid': u'5070', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Phragmites australis', u'1503/5070', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5032', u'20120622ricoh5009', u'20170916olymp6757', u'20170916olymp6732'], [u'20120622ricoh5032cs', u'20120622ricoh5009cs', u'20170916olymp6757cs', u'20170916olymp6732cs'], True, True, '41.84763 -70.54778,41.84594 -70.55169,41.84768 -70.54791,41.84601 -70.55184'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE — [map]
Vulpia myuros (rat-tail fescue) {'latname': u'Vulpia myuros', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'rat-tail fescue', 'spid': u'14960', 'found': [u'Vulpia myuros', u'1503/14960', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4937'], [u'20120622ricoh4937s', u'20120622ricoh4937cs'], True, True, '41.84976 -70.54798']}
Alien Herbaceous Plants
Galium mollugo (white bedstraw) {'latname': u'Galium mollugo', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u'white bedstraw', 'spid': u'12864', 'found': [u'Galium mollugo (white bedstraw)', u'1519/12864', u'Savery Pond', u'2012-06-22', '', u'910', [], [], True, True, '']}
Hypochaeris radicata (hairy cat's-ear, false dandelion) {'latname': u'Hypochaeris radicata ', 'colname': u"hairy cat's-ear, false dandelion", 'spid': u'10115', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not yet officially)', 'found': [u'Hypochaeris radicata', u'1394/10115', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh4936'], [u'20120622ricoh4936cs'], True, True, '41.84976 -70.54798'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not yet officially) — [map]
Iris pseudacorus (yellow iris) {'latname': u'Iris pseudacorus', 'colname': u'yellow iris', 'spid': u'5206', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE', 'found': [u'Iris pseudacorus', u'1457/5206', '', '', '', 0, [u'20170916olymp6753', u'20170916olymp6752'], [u'20170916olymp6753cs', u'20170916olymp6752cs'], True, True, '41.84695 -70.54764'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE — [map]
Persicaria maculosa (Polygonum persicaria) (lady's thumb) {'latname': u'Persicaria maculosa (Polygonum persicaria) ', 'introduced': True, 'colname': u"lady's thumb", 'spid': u'11678', 'found': [u"Polygonum persicaria (lady's thumb)", u'1507/11678', u'Savery Pond', u'2017-09-16', '', u'899', [], [], True, True, '']}
Typha angustifolia (narrow-leaved cattail) {'latname': u'Typha angustifolia ', 'colname': u'narrow-leaved cattail', 'spid': u'10069', 'invasive': 'INVASIVE (not yet officially)', 'found': [u'Typha angustifolia', u'1544/10069', '', '', '', 0, [u'20120622ricoh5012', u'20170916olymp6720'], [u'20120622ricoh5012cs', u'20170916olymp6720cs'], True, True, '41.8457 -70.55156,41.84725 -70.55173'], 'introduced': True}INVASIVE (not yet officially) — [map]

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